How to Create a Lead Generation Website – 10 Tips

How to Create a Lead Generation Website – 10 Tips

Watch this short webinar to learn 10 tips on how to create a lead generation website!
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B2B Marketing Strategy: How To Get More Leads For B2B Businesses

B2B Marketing Strategy: How To Get More Leads For B2B Businesses

We all know the importance of B2B lead generation when it comes to helping your sales team reach their sales quota. It’s a simple situation that many B2B marketers and sales professional have had heated debates and fights over:

No leads. No sales.
No sales. No business.

And if the leads aren’t great… That’s on the marketer.

But here’s the thing:

It doesn’t have to be this way!

In this video, I break down 9 different tactics that B2B marketers can embrace to increase the volume of leads while ensuring that they’re high quality leads.

In this video, I’m going to show you how to attract quality leads, build trust with them online and ensure that your B2B brand (whether service or product) can have a solid pipeline that you’ll never lose sleep over because you’re wondering if sales is going to try and fight you during the next company meeting.

These are some of the best ways B2B brands can generate leads and a sure-fire way to ensure that at the end of the quarter both marketing and sales teams are poppin’ a bottle of Dom Perignon together.

One of the first things any great B2B marketer does before implementing a B2B marketing plan is identify their target audience and learn everything they can about them. Identifying a B2B target audience is a bit more difficult than it is in B2C situations because there’s so many people that influence the decision in B2B.

You see, when it comes to B2C, the purchase decision making process is typically much faster and comes down to one person making the call. Because of this, you can understand the individual pain points that this person has and focus solely on those.

For most B2B purchases, we’re not talking about a $20 t-shirt or $6 phone case (unless it’s a bulk purchase). Most of the transactions that happen in B2B have a bigger average cart size and could be considered major purchases.In many cases, these purchases require a buy-in from multiple levels within an organization. It’s not just the senior marketer that approves your project, it’s procurement, the VP of digital and the CTO who all have an influence on that transaction.

So figuring out EXACTLY who your audience is KEY!

You see, instead of just targeting Aaliyah, the CEO of that Fintech company you’d love to work with, you’re also going to be targeting the CMO Erin, CFO James, CTO Alicia and the Sr. Marketer Josh that you used to work with at your old company. And the way you reach James might be different from the way you reach Erin or Josh.

That’s why it’s so important to keep track of the various touchpoints, how they’re happening, and use that data to better understand what type of content they want, how they want to receive it, and whether or not they’re warmed up enough to go in for your pitch.

That’s the role of internal data.

And it’s internal data that will help you better understand exactly who you should be talking to in the first place. As a starting point, you should look at who your best customers are:

Which customers see the most value in your product or service?
Which customers have you given the most value to?
What content does your audience consume online?
Which customers does your team love serving?
Which customers give you the most love?

All of these answers should assist in helping you figure out EXACTLY how to use the different strategies and tactics I break down in this video.


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Lead Generation 2018 — 11 Things You Need To Know About Lead Generation in 2018

Lead Generation 2018 — 11 Things You Need To Know About Lead Generation in 2018


For your lead generation 2018, there are 11 things you NEED to know. In this video, Scott Oldford breaks down each of these so you can build a lead generation strategy that actually works. If you want to turn leads into customers in 2018, be sure to watch this video as it shows you what to do and what not to do — and how to create a lead generation campaign that works for you (not against you).

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This 28 guide is based on 15 years of Scott’s experience building 5 multi-million dollar companies from scratch.

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How To Start A Lead Generation Business As A BEGINNER!

How To Start A Lead Generation Business As A BEGINNER!

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In this video I break down 8 steps that you can use on how to start a lead generation business, even as a broke beginner.

1. Decide on how you will generate the leads.
1. SEO
2. Facebook Ads
2. Decide on which industry you want to target.
1. Service based business
2. Retail service businesses
3. Decide on how much you will charge per lead.
1. Service based up to 10% of average job.
2. Retail based up to 50%, especial if recurring.
4. Figure out the hook to your offer.
1. What will get them in the door.
2. Free estimate, half off, etc…
5. Create your website or landing page.
6. Run your traffic.
7. How will you get a client?
1. Phone call?
2. Email?
8. Close the deal, eventually move to flat rate monthly.

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Simple $50 Per Day Lead Generation Website Using Only $180

Simple $50 Per Day Lead Generation Website Using Only $180

Sunday Special, how to generate $50 per day using a WordPress website.

In this video, I show the progress of a painting website that we have up currently on Google

The website is ranking for a competitive painting term and we have redesigned the website

I show the process of what I spent on this website to rank at the top of Google

I show the importance of backlinks for Local SEO – backlinks is what’s needed to achieve higher rankings in Google’s algorithm

This can be the use and application of different strategies such as:

– news releases
– web 2.0’s
– social signals

I recommend going slowly throughout the linking process. When I started, I made the dangerous mistake of purchasing a ton of backlinks from Fiverr ultimately damaging my SEO rankings.

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How To Mix FAT LEADS Properly

How To Mix FAT LEADS Properly

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How To Generate Leads Using LinkedIn

How To Generate Leads Using LinkedIn

How to generate leads using Linkedin and a chrome extension called Dux-Soup.

Dux-Soup extension
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In this video, I share with you a strategy to generate leads using LinkedIn and a chrome extension called Dux-Soup. As a business owner, one of the biggest challenges comes from generating leads on a consistent basis.