Keyword Search Intent – Your Key To More Sales & More Leads From Search Engine Marketing!

Keyword Search Intent – Your Key To More Sales & More Leads From Search Engine Marketing!

Search intent is the most overlooked part of keyword research and SEO. If you aren’t generating the leads or sales from search, this keyword intent vidoe is a must watch!

Too many people focuse solely on the keyword and the keyword data like search volume and keyword difficulty. This is a huge mistake because the most important factor is the user’s search intent behind that keyword search.

When you match your content with the user’s intent, and your SEO game is on point you have the true recipe for long term success with search engine marketing.

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I also mentioned how you can structure the ‘informational’ content and ‘transactional’ content into a silo structure to get an extra boost in yoru search engine optmization strategy…

Here are the SEO Silos videos that explain this strategy in detail:

To help you understand the ideas around keyword intent better, here is the content from most of the slides below for reference….

Why search intent is KEY to success
-Boosts time on site & engagement.
-Shows you “get them” and adds value
-You stand out from the SE SPAM
-Builds trust

The 4 Types of keyword search intent:

Informational Search Intent
-How to ____
-Signs of ____
-What is ____
-Who was ____
-When did ___ happen?
-History of _____
-Where did ____ start?
-Different ways to ____

Consideration Search Intent
-Top 10 _____
-Best ______
-____ Comparison
-____ Reviews
-____ or ____ for ____
-Category searches
-“Home gym for ____”
-Electric bikes

Transactional Search Intent
-Buy ______
-Best deal for ______
-Coupon for _______
-Free shipping on ___

Location Based Search Intent
-Service type – (locksmith or plumber)
-URL or website name
-Company name
-Product search (vegan Chinese food)

Example – Pet owner needs a new vacuum that can clean up the pet hair.
-Information – How to clean dog hair from carpet
-Consideration – Best vacuum cleaner for pet hair
-Transaction – Best deal on Dyson Animal 2
-Location – Dyson dealer

Master keyword search Intent and…
-Users will enjoy your content more
-Google will display your content more
-You build trust more quickly
-Your recommendations are better received

Sales Prospecting Lead Generation. Sales Leads From Customer Service.

Sales Prospecting Lead Generation. Sales Leads From Customer Service.

Lead generation and sales lead source. Your customer service department as a source of sales leads. Sales prospecting tip.
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How To Get Leads On Social Media As A Beginner In 2019 – Marketing Agency Advice

How To Get Leads On Social Media As A Beginner In 2019 – Marketing Agency Advice

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What is Rank Up Now & How can we help you grow your business?

Rank Up Now is a software company that provides tangible technology for Network Marketing professionals, direct sales, & home based business owners from all across the globe to help them generate more leads and sales for their marketing companies online.

With our technology we’ve helped over 80,000 Entrepreneurs the past 4 years generate over 6,500,000 leads into their primary businesses.

Most Network Marketing, Direct Sales companies, & home based businesses will tell you to prospect your friends and family in order to grow your business but the problem is this… eventually you run out of people to talk to so then you might purchase business cards to go cold prospecting strangers offline… or you go on social media to prospect people online. You might even create a website, blog, funnel, or system yourself thinking that it will get you results but you end up frustrated and burnt out in the long RUN.

The main issue with this is you have to spend all your time chasing people or coding websites yourself and it comes across as desperate when most people aren’t qualified for your business in the first place because #1 – They don’t have the money… #2 – They make excuses… #3 – They are skeptical & #4 – You don’t know how to code websites

So one of the reasons why we created Rank Up Now so you can grow your Network Marketing business, direct sales, and home based business by mastering attraction marketing where QUALIFIED prospects chase you down on a daily basis ready to buy your products without the headache because we take care of the heavy lifting for you.

In order to master attraction marketing you’ve gotta learn the principles and strategies of personal & team branding along with having the right tools and software to leverage your time, effort, & energy.

If you go to you can test drive our App, system, & software to see how it works for yourself that way you can build a MASSIVE business, make the type of money you want to make, live the type of lifestyle that you want to live, and inspire others along your journey in the online marketing and offline business space.

No hype, just RESULTS!

How To Get Leads On Social Media As A Beginner In 2019 – Marketing Agency Advice –

How to Create Content that Generates Consulting Leads

How to Create Content that Generates Consulting Leads

Read the full post and transcript here –

You can no longer attract new clients the way you used to. Content marketing is no longer an “option” it is now a “must do”.

Picture your BEST client sitting directly in front of you as you acknowledge their smaller problem and explain how to fix it. This will allow you to create a high-level content piece around each step.

It’s important to remember that this content must stand alone. It’s not a teaser. It’s not a short summary. It is a solution.

Your BEST client is overwhelmed by the big problem. Breaking it down into steps makes it feel more manageable. Your BEST client needs to be able to read through each content piece and “see” their end result…before they take action. Since you have helped them picture a better situation it increases their trust in you and creates excitement for the next step you want them to take.

This video explains the process

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How To Find Customers And Leads For Your Business

How To Find Customers And Leads For Your Business

How To Find Customers And Leads For Your Business

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I love leads! And so does everyone who is marketing their business. But how do you get them? Cheaply? Or even free?
That’s what I’m talking about today, and I’ve discovered a ZINGER of a way to learn to successfully market online. You won’t want to miss this 😍

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Thanks and here’s to your success! 🎉🥂
DISCLAIMER: While I would love for you to start making gobs of money, there are no guarantees so you may or may not have stellar results from this or any of my other videos. The links you see on the video or in the descriptions are most likely affiliate links, meaning that if you sign up or buy through me, I will get a commission. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost you a penny extra and it really helps to support efforts to continue to help you be successful.

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Easiest Way To Find New Customers

Easiest Way To Find New Customers

In this video I show you how to get new clients and customers using social media..

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10 Psychological Triggers to MAKE PEOPLE BUY From YOU! (How to Increase Conversions) Sales Tricks

10 Psychological Triggers to MAKE PEOPLE BUY From YOU! (How to Increase Conversions) Sales Tricks

Use these 10 proven psychological triggers to get customers to BUY MORE from YOU!
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Learn 10 psychological customers to make customers buy more items from you!

Sales psychology is a secret weapon – yet most people fail to obtain it. Here are 10 of our best psychological “triggers” that you can use in your store today to increase sales and conversions.

Trigger #1: Incite Customers to Buy by Giving Them Something for Free

When you give a customer a freebie like a coupon, we trigger the social norm of reciprocity. When someone does something nice to us, we feel a strong obligation to return the favour.

Use personalized coupons that offer someone a unique discount. For Amazon sellers, include a coupon inside the customers packaging.

Trigger #2: Create Envy with Customer Reviews

Customer reviews help to create envy in your prospective customers.

If we see our neighbours benefiting from something, we become envious and want to receive this benefit too. And so that’s what positive product reviews do.

If you’ve got a Shopify store, include a review app like that asks customers to leave a review. For Amazon sellers, use Jump Send which also automatically emails your customers asking them to leave a review.

Trigger #3: Use Curiosity to Drive Traffic & Engagement

Curiosity should feel like an itch you NEED to scratch.

The spin-to-win coupon pop-up box is again a good example of this. And for Amazon sellers, a great way to add curiosity to your marketing strategy is to be creative with the review request email titles you use e.g. “I have a favour that I’d like to ask you?” instead of just asking for a review.

Trigger #4: Use Photos to Help Customers Visualize

If you run an online store, don’t just include the basic photos of a product against a white backdrop. Instead, look for photos that the supplier has provided showing it in a real-life context. And if the supplier doesn’t have these, consider buying a test product and taking your own photos. The same applies to if you sell on Amazon.

Trigger #5: Use Photos to Create Emotions in Customers

If you run an online store, be sure to include pictures of people using the product and – more importantly – ENJOYING themselves using it too!

Trigger #6: Use Price Anchoring to Push Prices Higher

Price anchoring is when you place two products with different prices side-by-side, and it’s most effective when there are at least 3 pricing tiers. Most people pick the middle-price product. It looks cheap compared to the expensive option, but people will assume it’s higher quality than the cheap option. It’s the comfortable compromise.

Trigger #7: Include Product Pictures with Human Faces

Similar to trigger #6, this trigger uses humans – particularly the face – as a way of increasing sales conversions. Consider purchasing a test product and taking your own photo with the item.

Trigger #8: Pain Is More Motivating Than Pleasure

Pain is a stronger motivator than pleasure. In your product descriptions, emphasize how your product can remove a pain point that a prospective customer is experiencing (and wants to get rid of).

Trigger #9: Create a Common Enemy

Essentially, this is creating an “Us vs. Them” attitude against a competitor you have. Look at your market or niche you are selling in: Who is your common enemy? Identify who they are and position your product against them.

Trigger #10: Phrase Your Prices as Low

When you emphasize how low your prices are using words like “only” and “just”, conversions and sales always increase. When you’re phrasing your pricing in marketing materials, don’t be afraid to verbally minimize the price e.g. “It costs just $9.”

How to find customers on Twitter using Google x-ray search

How to find customers on Twitter using Google x-ray search

This tutorial will show you exactly how to use a hugely under-used Google search term to help find specific customers on Twitter. It will also outline what to do with these customers once you have found them to help build solid relationships.

By following this tutorial you will learn;

– What Google x-ray search is and why you should use it.

– How to create a private Twitter list full of customers to target on Twitter.

– How to use Google x-ray search to find target customers to add to your private Twitter list.

– What to do once you have created a list of customers to target.


The way this strategy works is simple;

1. You use Google x-ray search to find Twitter lists of specific people (your target market) that other people have already made.

2. You add these people to your own private Twitter list.

3. You engage with these people on a daily basis to help build solid relationships and increase brand awareness.

Check my website out below for lots more useful Digital Marketing tutorials, tips & more;

**Youtube won’t let me add brackets in the description so click the link below for a written version of the Google x-ray search term which you can easily copy and paste**

B2B Lead Gen Marketing on LinkedIn – Deltagency Digital Marketing & Growth Marketing Agency

B2B Lead Gen Marketing on LinkedIn – Deltagency Digital Marketing & Growth Marketing Agency

B2B Lead Gen Marketing on LinkedIn is the fastest way to grow your business.

Learn how B2B businesses are growing using Lead Generation on LinkedIn. Never prospect or make another cold call again. Get pre-qualified leads to call, email or book meetings directly on your calendar. Spend more time closing sales instead of bird-dogging opportunities.

How it Works

1. Tell us your ideal customer (vertical, geo, demographic, size, revenue, etc.)
2. We prospect on LinkedIn, build connections, and book meetings on your calendar
3. You close the sale

Yes, it’s that simple.


See how Deltagency increased total conversions from 9% to 12% (33% increase) across a suite of initiatives including, SEM, a/b testing, drip email nurturing campaigns, lead magnets, App Store Optimization (ASO), and more. View the Growth Marketing Success Case:…

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Happy Growing! And, as always…


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*** Deltagency is a digital marketing agency and growth marketing agency located in San Francisco specializing in paid search (PPC/SEM) management, website development, lead generation and growth program management for SMBs, startups, and Solo-preneurs. We help you grow!

Our Services:

* Paid Search Management, PPC, SEM, Google Ads, Bing Ads
* Website Development
* Paid Social Advertising
* Sales Funnel Design
* Content Marketing
* Marketing Automation
* Email Drip Marketing
* Much, much, more

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Defining your lead generation goals

Defining your lead generation goals

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Do you need to generate more qualified leads for your business?

Are you confused and overwhelmed by all the digital marketing options available?

Need a clear and simple, step-by-step guide on how to generate leads?

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At the end of this course, you will be able to…

Define lead generation goals and create customer personas
Build a working sales funnel and score sales leads
Write unique value propositions, website content, email content and landing page content
Use Calls to Action to generate leads through a website, landing page or email campaign
Perform keyword research and understand the major themes of search engine optimisation
Spot and correct major issues with on-page search engine optimisation
Create content that generates leads
Reduce the number of hours spent on creating content
Create landing pages that are campaign specific
Analyse and optimise landing pages for improved conversions
Generate leads through 7 major social networks
Understand email marketing and use an email marketing software provider to send targeted email campaigns
Analyse and optimise the performance of email marketing campaigns
Who should take this course?

This course is for newbies and intermediate marketers/business owners that want to generate sales leads through digital marketing
This course is probably not for you if you’re looking for more advanced tactical digital marketing methods
What will you need to know or do before starting the course?

You will probably own a business or be responsible for generating sales sales (i.e. New business development or Marketing Department)
Or you maybe thinking about starting a business and would like to understand whats involved in generating sales leads
What do you get for your investment?

Over 10 hours of HD quality video presentations recorded by expert speaker, Lawrence Howlett
70+ Page workbook that helps you implement each lesson on the course
Access to Lawrence Howlett’s knowledge and expertise in the Tuesday Q&A sessions held here on Udemy.
Most importantly – You get the opportunity to transform your business into a lead generating machine!

As a student of this course, you also get my professional advice and guidance.

Every Tuesday 9am GMT, I will be available for an Q&A session, where all your questions on lead generation will be answered and shown in the course too.

I also personally guarantee your absolute satisfaction with this course.

You have a full 30 days to study, download the workbook and see the results you can achieve.

If you’re unhappy for whatever reason, I will gladly refund you, no questions, no fuss – and with a smile too, thanking you for taking the time to check out this course.

Every minute you delay is actually COSTING your business money ….

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