There is a lot of conversation on the health benefits of CBD oil.

While this is essentially from the same source as cannabis there is no and I mean no possible way it can induce a “high” Or indeed, any other type of hallucinatory effect.

Now we have got that out of the way, what exactly, are we dealing with here.

CBD oil or cannabidiol comes from the hemp plant which is, in essence, a cousin of the cannabis plant.

Marketed mainly as a dietary supplement, most peoples fears revolve around its relationship to the marijuana or cannabis extract.

My personal perspective comes from the general well-being I experience when taking this product. I find 4-5 drops morning and night gives me an overall feel good feeling.

My arthritis is much less painful and I am able to walk much more easily. These are both important factors for someone of my advanced years. I am midway through my 7th. decade.

Of course, in the first instance, I had my doubts but, I must say that I find it much less harmful than the chemical alternatives from the medical & pharmaceutical fraternity. It would seem to me that the negative noise that abounds around this product species is due to the vested interest of these same groups.

My advice, for what it is worth, is give it a try for yourself