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What are Sales Leads? | Maresa Ng, Business Coach

What are Sales Leads? | Maresa Ng, Business Coach

What are sales leads? In Sales, there is a thing called Leads. A Sales Lead is a potential sales contact (an individual or organization), that expresses an interest in your goods or services.

There are two types of Leads, Inbound and Outbound. Do you know the difference? Watch this video where I share with you more on Leads and how you plan your marketing strategies around them.

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Three Network Marketing Sales Leads Horrific Mistakes And Exactly How To Avoid Them

Three Network Marketing Sales Leads Horrific Mistakes And Exactly How To Avoid Them


Very often people brand-new to MLM rightfully go after network marketing sales leads in order to grow their business. We all need more leads to grow our business, correct? However, there are three fatal mistakes 95% of those in the industry make when trying to get more leads like this.

The first fatal network marketing sales leads mistake that most make is thinking that their warm market is always the best place to start looking for potential customers and business partners. The facts are that the vast majority of people you immediately know are probably not interested in starting a home business, nor are looking to buy your particular product. Instead, you need to focus on finding prospects who actually have a need that your product or business fills and connecting.

A second huge network marketing sales leads mistake that may make is that they completely rely on a model of hosting home parties and going to home expos to get more exposure for their business. While this might work sometimes, these come with a very high cost of either your time or money to potentially generate just a handful of prospects for your product or business.

Instead, think of using leveraged ways to get more exposure for your business where you can potentially get 10, 20, or 30 targeted prospects every day.

Another very common mistake that people make is to think they can go buy network marketing sales leads from a lead provider and had a lot of success with that. While some people are successful with working these kinds of leads, the vast majority of them have been resold and rehashed many times over and you are more than likely not the first person to talk to contact them.

To avoid these mistakes, today, you can tap into the Internet which allows you to very quickly connect with a specific targeted audience that is already predisposed to wanting what you have to offer as either a product or business. In fact, generating targeted leads online yourself predisposes people to want to buy from you, or work with you, as they all are already familiar with you and know exactly what you have to offer them.

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Direct Mail Leads Are THE Solution To Top Sales

Direct Mail Leads Are THE Solution To Top Sales

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