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3 Lead Generation Strategies For Buyers Agents

3 Lead Generation Strategies For Buyers Agents

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Sometimes sealing the deal is about more than just generating real estate leads; nurturing leads is also crucial. The right strategy can convert leads into potential clients. In this video, Mike breaks down 3 strategies buyers agents need to know to build a more successful relationship with these future clients.

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How to do Lead Generation of Real Estate Agents Online?

How to do Lead Generation of Real Estate Agents Online?

How to do Lead Generation of Real Estate Agents Online?

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Facebook Ads Strategy: LEAD GEN Ads or CONVERSION Ads?

Facebook Ads Strategy: LEAD GEN Ads or CONVERSION Ads?

Which is the best Facebook ads strategy? Lead Generation ads or Conversion ads on Facebook?

Facebook Lead Generation ads are best if you want to generate a lot of leads, but those leads may not be the highest quality.

Facebook conversion ads on the other hand will usually deliver less lead volume, but those leads may be better quality and more likely to convert.

Which Facebook advertising strategy you select will depend on which of those two factors is more important to your business.

If in doubt – test both Facebook ads strategies

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How to Create Facebook Lead Ad Campaigns That Convert in 2019 (video): https://youtu.be/V00WepEPU-0

HOW TO SET UP & INSTALL THE FACEBOOK PIXEL IN 2019 (video): https://youtu.be/E5f9oRof8JA

HOW TO CREATE FACEBOOK LEAD FORMS THAT CONVERT IN 2019 (video): https://youtu.be/XzbJh4-yMNo


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239, 210 Visitors: Business Network for B2B Lead Generation

239, 210 Visitors: Business Network for B2B Lead Generation

Here’s a new business network that has one of the best B2B lead generation strategies I’ve ever discovered.

This platform gets a massive 239,210 visitors every month, and that lets you network with other business professionals and entrepreneurs.

There’s a range of services available at zero cost, including the ability to mass-message targeted leads who are interested in your offers.

I haven’t heard of this website until today, so you’ll see my reaction as I use it for the first time.

My first opinion is a good one, but I couldn’t figure out how to use some of the features.

Maybe you’ll be able to help me understand how to mass email leads all at once.

If you figure it out please let me know in the comments, but I will continue to explore this business network and hopefully generate more leads as a result.

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ManyChat Template: Lead Gen For Financial Planners ChatBot

ManyChat Template: Lead Gen For Financial Planners ChatBot

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[Case Study] Merchant Cash Advance Lead Generation

[Case Study] Merchant Cash Advance Lead Generation

Nation’s leading MCA Inbound Lead Generation Agency.

In this video, we share a tremendous success story from one of Merchant Cash Advance clients who continues to experience realtime hot leads. When they first reached out to us, they were still relying on direct mail which, as you may know, is experiencing a progressive decline.

One of the first things we noticed is that this Merchant Cash Advance Company was targeting the same audience over and over again. As a result, they were saturating their market.

So, we gathered all the leads they’d collected through trade shows for the past couple of years and created a customized email marketing campaign. Then, we created targeted Facebook Ads.

Within 24 hours, our client received 25 realtime hot leads. At the end of 90 days, our client had 321 realtime hot leads in their inbox, fully automated. The power of Merchant Cash Advance Leads and Merchant cash advance lead generation.

If you’d like to wake up to a bunch of hot new leads, too, we should connect. Here at Local Marketing Stars, we only accept three to four new clients per month.

This allows us to help our clients achieve exponential growth. Soon, new leads will start raining down on you, too. Feel free to send us a line today.

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Porch Review 2019: The rise and fall of Lowe’s lead generation

Porch Review 2019: The rise and fall of Lowe’s lead generation

Porch Review 2019: The rise and fall of Lowe’s lead generation

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