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Marketing Strategy vs. Lead Generation Tactics

Marketing Strategy vs. Lead Generation Tactics

To the CEO, marketing is the engine that spreads the brand image & the brand culture to new people, and keeps the connection with those already in your circle fresh, and relevant. But to the entrepreneur with a tactics mentality, marketing becomes little more than a job trying desperately to get more leads.

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When your focus is simply to acquire more leads, so you can get more customers, so you can make more money… then you’re positioning yourself on a never-ending treadmill. You chase every new shiny opportunity you can find, simply because that’s what everyone’s doing these days.

The marketing job mentality is looking for short term gain: a new lead, a new customer. Leads and customers are important, of course. But they are the natural by-product of a long term CEO strategy.

The person with a job wants to get a paycheck this week. They primarily work “in” their business, getting new leads, and then new customers, and then doing the work to service those customers.

But the CEO is focused far beyond that. As a CEO, you primarily work “on” your business. Your marketing efforts have meaning, and a clarity of purpose for the overall brand. You choose tactics on purpose, because they reflect your strengths, and communicate with your audience.

Yes you want to make money this week, but you are equally concerned with the long term health of the business – its growth, its scaleability, and its “sell-ability”.


Fuelblue TV is a free video series for technical B2B CEOs and CMOs. Bobby Donohue discusses branding and marketing strategies to help such technical companies educate your audience, and engage with new and existing leads correctly, and nurture prospects from discovery to the sale.

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YouTube Ads for Lead Generation 2020 | Introduction and Start Guide

YouTube Ads for Lead Generation 2020 | Introduction and Start Guide

YouTube Ads for Lead Generation 2020 | Introduction and Start Guide

Today video is all about Youtube Ads and why they’re a great option for your Lead Generation Agency.

For those of you who don’t know what these ads are (True view ads), I’ve sure you’ve been on YouTube before and you’ve been trying to watch a video and there’s an ad, a video ad that pops up. And you can’t skip it for the first five seconds.

It’s kind of annoying but sometimes something could just strike and you’ll be interested in it and you’ll continue to watch it,, you might even click on the YouTube Ad.

This means you’re engaging with this person or this brand that’s advertising and you could potentially buy something from them or become a lead or whatever. And that’s what I’m talking about here for us lead generators, okay? And if you’re selling leads on a pay-per-lead basis, then YouTube ads are incredible and they’re working great for us.

We are super excited to be able to share some of the stuff that we’re doing and that we’ve learnt over the past year running YouTube Ads with you in this training.

Stay tuned because we will be releasing a whole series on this subject over the next month.

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ABOUT THE CHANNEL: Welcome to Flexxable. My name is Dan Wardrope and I am a Pay Per Lead, Lead Generation Specialist. Over the last ten years I have trialed and tested many methods when It comes to lead generation. Through my years of struggles I have developed a lead generation technique that has helped me take my agency to the next level. Now, I have decided to create a YouTube channel to share my knowledge and teach others how to grow their own agency’s using the Pay Per Lead model. I hope you enjoy and learn from my content.

When you are ready to take your skills to the next level, I sell an Advanced Pay Per Lead course that teaches you how to grow your business by 3, 4, or even 10x the amount!

We’ll be doing a fairly in-depth series about YouTube ads and how they work over time, over the next few weeks or so.

Please do stay tuned. There’s gonna be some great content. I’m sure you’re gonna love it. If you wanna fast track that process and get in touch with us and join our program and start learning these YouTube ads straightaway, then please do click the link below this video and me or one of our team will speak to you soon.

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Intelligent Local Marketing | Local Client Takeover | Local Lead Generation

Intelligent Local Marketing | Local Client Takeover | Local Lead Generation

Local Client Takeover’s own Mark Luckenbaugh hosts Elbert Dugdale as they unleash some under utilized local lead generation tactics. Take your local marketing to the next level by leveraging Elbert’s proprietary Craigslist PowerRanker training. This is Intelligent Local Marketing from Local Client Takeover.

Lead Generation is the backbone of every single business on planet earth. Without generating sufficient leads, your business will crumble overnight. Learn from Lead Gen Industry Experts Elbert Dugdale and Mark Luckenbaugh as they literally lead you to more leads!

Are you planning a vacation? Find the best travel agency in the local area from Beaverton, OR to Portland Metro and surrounding areas – all the way to Vancouver, WA. Find out more at the link following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1HkD_tRUws

Local Lead Generation



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1. The catastrophic mistake advertisers make when building their Facebook ads

2. Putting your money where your mouth is: why funding your own campaign is the best motivator there is

3. How mobile phones can ruin even the best advertising strategies

If you’d like to find out more about avoiding the top lead generation marketing mistakes, and how to grow your business into a healthy and profitable one, head on over to www.flexxable.com and take our quiz.

LinkedIn Marketing 2019 | $400M Social Selling Strategy

LinkedIn Marketing 2019 | $400M Social Selling Strategy

Want more clients from LinkedIn marketing? LinkedIn is the leader in B2B lead generation and social selling. LinkedIn marketing, LinkedIn advertising, LinkedIn video and LinkedIn lead generation are all very successful strategies for businesses to achieve massive growth in sales revenue. This video was an epic startup event on LinkedIn marketing for business professionals in Perth where I share how you can generate an unlimited supply of leads on LinkedIn, especially relevant for B2B and Financial Services companies who want to leverage LinkedIn marketing in 2019. Enjoy the video and let me know if it helps with your LinkedIn lead generation, drop me a comment below.

More Info:
How to generate LinkedIn leads with a proven social selling strategy. LinkedIn Marketing expert Nathanial Bibby shares the social selling strategies that his agency have used to help their clients close over $400 million in additional revenue over the past 5 years.

Bibby Consulting Group specialises in LinkedIn lead generation and was Australia’s first LinkedIn marketing and training service provider. The Bibby team uses LinkedIn to help B2B companies get more leads and grow their sales revenue.

Nathanial shares how his agency made their clients $400M in sales using LinkedIn marketing and lead generation strategies with zero investment in advertising.

In this keynote Nathanial explains the most common mistakes that businesses make with their social media marketing in general and shares how he learned how to get a return on investment through LinkedIn.

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Nathanial Bibby is a digital marketer and founder of Bibby Consulting Group, a LinkedIn marketing agency specialising in B2B lead generation and LinkedIn training courses for business professionals.

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How To Get More Leads And Sales Online Fast | Lead Generation Strategies

How To Get More Leads And Sales Online Fast | Lead Generation Strategies

Learn how to get more leads and sales online fast with these lead generation strategies. Internet marketing 2019 is filled with frauds, so do this to position yourself above them.

It’s definitely a quick way to get more leads and build a solid reputation in the marketplace.

Links Mentioned in the video:

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From over 5 years in prison to rubbing elbows with multi-millionaires every day, my name is Zachary Babcock, and I help underdog entrepreneurs launch, grow, and monetize top-shelf passive income businesses and personal brands.

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Lead Generation intensive Bonus & Review – A Demo & Bonus of Lead Generation Intensive

Lead Generation intensive Bonus & Review – A Demo & Bonus of Lead Generation Intensive

Lead Generation intensive Bonus & Review – Learn more about Jim Mack’s Lead Generation Intensive and our bonuses at http://www.raythevideoguy.com/leadgenintensive
Lead Generation Is A Huge Business. Until Now…Generating Leads
Via A GMB Was Not Possible.

Most Businesses Have A GMB With A Phone Number
That Is Not A Call Tracking Number.

This Course and Training Will Show A Step By Step Paint By Number Way To Rank A GMB With A Call Tracking Number In The 3-Pack Therefore

Generating A Ton Of Leads And Traffic.
Local Businesses are TIRED of National Marketing Companies Delivering Nothing.

This Training Course Teaches How To Market And Fulfill Services For Lead Generation and a Full Suite Of Marketing Services.
The Process Is Laid Out Step-By-Step.


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Lead Generation Strategy And Business Growth and Marketing With The Just Bring Me Leads! Team

Lead Generation Strategy And Business Growth and Marketing With The Just Bring Me Leads! Team

Get new business client leads with http://JustBringMeLeads.com. QUESTION… Is this you? You want to get in touch with a regular stream of people who would love to know more about your business services and products.

But you just don’t have the time or the motivation to chase after ‘friends’, ‘fans’, and ‘followers’…

You’re looking for a way to eliminate the time-consuming hours of cold-calling your sales team currently has to do to bring in just a trickle of lukewarm leads.

And you want to do away with clunky, old-fashioned marketing methods like budget-sucking Yellow Pages ads.

You Just. Want. To. Get. More. Leads!!! So you can make more sales and achieve greater profits.

Ultimately… you want to make your competition cry!

+1 (305) 600-2299

If this is you, we can help you with all of that!

We are “Just Bring Me Leads” – your complete lead generation and marketing solution!

We create structured, B2B, pre-call lead generation campaigns, that are supported by cutting-edge digital tools, social media traffic funnels, and laser-focused marketing resources.

With our help you can stop cold-calling, and still bring in a steady stream of leads, ready for your sales team members to begin converting!

You’ll even be able to track prospects who visit your website to identify those who are most interested in your solutions, capturing those overlooked sales opportunities.

+1 (305) 600-2299

Show your investors, your management, and most importantly of all, your prospective clients, just how amazing your products and services are!

Stop cold calling, get in touch with us now, and start bringing in more leads!

+1 (305) 600-2299

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Auto Dealer Facebook Ads | Lead Generation | Facebook Advertising for Car Dealers

Auto Dealer Facebook Ads | Lead Generation | Facebook Advertising for Car Dealers

Auto Dealer Facebook Ads | Lead Generation | Facebook Advertising for Car Dealers

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Hey –
my name is Jeff Ladd and I help Car Dealerships get more paying customers using Facebook Advertising. If you or someone you know owns an Auto Dealership and you are looking to scale your business with Facebook Ads, give me a call or message me. I’d be happy to custom design you a functional marketing funnel like the one like the one in this video and launch it for you for a couple days to see how many leads we can get you. Call or message me Today.

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