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Dmitry Explains how to generate leads for free online for contractors in 5 steps:

1. Photo session. Find/select or shoot 20 good quality pictures of services you do the most (your main trade)
2. Google your main service next to your main city (Roofing Minneapolis)
3. Study all platforms that came up on first page, create free profile where you think will benefit your business.
4. Advertise on free websites with high traffic for searches daily: classified ads on Craigslist, Kijiji, Backpage, etc
5. Create offers, bring value, post regularly

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Stop wasting leads: Find any phone number in 5 minutes for free

Stop wasting leads: Find any phone number in 5 minutes for free

See the step-by-step method here: https://www.easyagentpro.com/blog/real-estate-leads-2/

Leads are great but what happens when that lead is missing critical information? Usually you’re out of luck, but we put together a way to find those missing pieces of information and complete that lead. In basically 5 minutes, you can use the methods below to turn an email, address, name, or phone into a complete lead!

First their are tools available to help you do this such as FullContact. After testing this app with some of our incoming leads we can safely say we completed around 70% of our incomplete leads. This app will take partially complete data and search for the remaining pieces giving you you a useful contact.

Next always remember how connected Facebook is, if you have a name odds are you’ll be able to get the number to that lead off Facebook. Facebook currently displays around 30% of the numbers linked to profiles so its always worth checking. We don’t want this to be creepy by any means but if someone tells you they were interested in your services at a christmas party or another social event, you gave them your card and you never heard from them why not check in with them?

In the full blog post we discuss how to get around some of the restrictions you’ll find in Linkdlen to pair someones name with a viable email address. We also have a few other tricks up our sleeves, hope you guys enjoyed the video! As usual post any questions below.

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How to Find UNLIMITED leads with Reference USA database

How to Find UNLIMITED leads with Reference USA database

More info: 407-443-0348 / Sue
or: Sue@WorthGPS.com

One way to make the “big bucks” with Worth Unlimited is to act as a recruiter and simply introduce this program as a revenue source to other professionals. Industries you should target are… financial planning, real estate, insurance, accounting, banks and credit unions, mortgage companies and even “big ticket” retailers who talk to their clients about financing.

There is no “do not call” list for B2B (business to business) so you can dial for dollars all day long and just ask…. “we have a program that your clients will LOVE… and you can earn thousands simply referring… would you like to get more info on it via email…?”

That is your foot in the door to a bigger conversation… and EVERYTHING starts with a conversation!

How To Land 28 Real Estate Leads In 1 Week!

How To Land 28 Real Estate Leads In 1 Week!

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These are real estate websites that provide the best tools and apps for agents to generate leads in a modern, digital world. Check them out today.

Crunchbase – How We Find Leads On The Best Startup Directory (2018)

Crunchbase – How We Find Leads On The Best Startup Directory (2018)

Crunchbase is the best directory for startups. This post reveals how to find leads on crunchbase and how to approach them.

Would you like to try out a software for sending cold emails for free? I have a deal with Woodpecker (software tool for sending cold emails) that everybody who registers using my affiliate link can get a sweet deal and enjoy 500 cold emails for 30 days on me. You can’t get this deal elsewhere so sign up 🙂

On Crunchbase there’s a lot of useful information about funding and other company data. You can use it for free to get the basic idea of the company, find a decision maker and use a google chrome Hunter extension, to get emails.

Then you can write awesome email, referencing Crunchbase as well as some other information about investors and get much higher open rates, and responses than you would find only generic information.

Crunchbase is a great startup database with the list of startup companies, that got recently funded. Perfect directory for your cold email outreach and a great way to generate b2b leads – a true b2b lead generation machine.

Do you need to increase your cold email responses? Learn how to increase cold email responses using LinkedIn here:

Make sure you don’t ask for the appointment in your initial cold email. Why? Watch this video on why you shouldn’t ask for the appointment in your cold call email. Check out more in this video:

But wait. Is cold email the right type of strategy for growing your business? Find out more in this video:

Cold email is part of the outbound sales channel, however it’s one of the most underrated strategies for sales.

You can check out this video, if you’re interested in the first sentence, and how we write it for our best sales emails.

Hopefully this was helpful, and if you want to see more behind the scenes videos, just comment below, and let me know, what questions you might have.

As always, cold emails can bring you a lot of leads, but only if done correctly so make sure to check out my company In Sales Academy, where we do outbound sales, that allows businesses to predict revenue.

Do you want to find out more about B2B lead generation and email outbound campaigns? Check out:

Lead Generation Tutorial – How to find Leads on Linkedin and Find Emails – Upwork Live Project

Lead Generation Tutorial – How to find Leads on Linkedin and Find Emails – Upwork Live Project

Lead Generation Tutorial – How to find Leads on Linkedin

You can hire me on Fiverr to get a similar Email Address researching project done:


In this video, I showed an example of live project on Upwork, where my client is in needed of Lead List Building services, and I used Linkedin to find leads, and and collected emails and other details for the list.

You will learn, how to collect email address for a Linkedin Profile using Linkedin Sales Navigator and Name to Email extension.

I used Mailtester, Sales Navigator Extension (former Rapportive) to verify emails for the list.

If you want to learn freelancing and to provide file conversion services, watch this tutorial series:

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5 Fast Ways To Find Real Estate Wholesale Leads and Deals – REIClub.com

5 Fast Ways To Find Real Estate Wholesale Leads and Deals – REIClub.com

Here’s 5 Ways Real Estate Investors Find Good Wholesaling Real Estate Leads and Deals Quickly and Cheaply. Watch now…




1. Find distressed homes in your neighborhood
In 20 minutes or less you should be able to drive a few blocks, find some potentially distressed homes, pull up owner contact information, and hit the post office to drop some letters of interest or offers to them.

Can be your neighborhood, a target area close by, etc.

Look for overgrown landscaping, fire damage, code violation notices, signs of being abandoned, etc.

Look up the owner on Google and the property appraisers site, shoot off a form letter.

This can be short and sweet – and simply write – “I’m interested in buying your home at this address. Give me a call at this number so that I can confirm how many bedrooms and baths it has and can make you an offer.”
Bam, you’re done

2. Craigslist
Hundreds, probably thousands of properties are listed on Craigslist every day.

Find them in the housing section – under apartments and housing, housing swaps, real estate for sale, and sublets or temporary.

Call, text, or email them with a similar letter, and get them to contact you.

Or throw out low ball offers to get their attention and start negotiations. If you know local properties are selling for around $100,000 on average. Offer $60k. Or $70k if they will finance it with $2,000 down.

No reason you can’t find 5 or more of these deals daily, even with owner financing, or at bargain basement prices

3. The MLS
Deals can be found on the MLS

Set up alerts to new listings based on your criteria
Check those updates every morning

Send out a template offer to start the negotiation process

You can simply use Realtor.com to spot new listings.

Or have a Realtor do this for you, and then let them work the deals if they find good ones.

Or get your own real estate license so you can see the detailed view including any bonuses being paid in commissions.

4. Real Estate Auctions
There are plenty of real estate auctions online now

Just Google “real estate auctions” and you’ll find at least half a dozen sites to bid on

Once registered, you can hop on and fire off offers on 5 or more of these a day

5. Builders
This may seem like an unconventional source, but it can work in almost any market

Bigger home builders need to pre-sell blocks of properties to raise financing. Once nearing the end of a project they want to cash out and move on to the next fast. Both ends can be an opportunity to negotiate discounts

Small builders can struggle with cash flow, and are at high risk every day. A fast sale or contract can help them cash out and move on

It shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes to call a few new builders and have them email you their best deals





Part 2 of 3 on How to Find Motivated Sellers. In this video I’ll cover some strategies to help you find great real estate deals

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