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How to find customers on Twitter using Google x-ray search

How to find customers on Twitter using Google x-ray search

This tutorial will show you exactly how to use a hugely under-used Google search term to help find specific customers on Twitter. It will also outline what to do with these customers once you have found them to help build solid relationships.

By following this tutorial you will learn;

– What Google x-ray search is and why you should use it.

– How to create a private Twitter list full of customers to target on Twitter.

– How to use Google x-ray search to find target customers to add to your private Twitter list.

– What to do once you have created a list of customers to target.


The way this strategy works is simple;

1. You use Google x-ray search to find Twitter lists of specific people (your target market) that other people have already made.

2. You add these people to your own private Twitter list.

3. You engage with these people on a daily basis to help build solid relationships and increase brand awareness.

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10 Psychological Triggers to MAKE PEOPLE BUY From YOU! (How to Increase Conversions) Sales Tricks

10 Psychological Triggers to MAKE PEOPLE BUY From YOU! (How to Increase Conversions) Sales Tricks

Use these 10 proven psychological triggers to get customers to BUY MORE from YOU!
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Learn 10 psychological customers to make customers buy more items from you!

Sales psychology is a secret weapon – yet most people fail to obtain it. Here are 10 of our best psychological “triggers” that you can use in your store today to increase sales and conversions.

Trigger #1: Incite Customers to Buy by Giving Them Something for Free

When you give a customer a freebie like a coupon, we trigger the social norm of reciprocity. When someone does something nice to us, we feel a strong obligation to return the favour.

Use personalized coupons that offer someone a unique discount. For Amazon sellers, include a coupon inside the customers packaging.

Trigger #2: Create Envy with Customer Reviews

Customer reviews help to create envy in your prospective customers.

If we see our neighbours benefiting from something, we become envious and want to receive this benefit too. And so that’s what positive product reviews do.

If you’ve got a Shopify store, include a review app like Stamped.io that asks customers to leave a review. For Amazon sellers, use Jump Send which also automatically emails your customers asking them to leave a review.

Trigger #3: Use Curiosity to Drive Traffic & Engagement

Curiosity should feel like an itch you NEED to scratch.

The spin-to-win coupon pop-up box is again a good example of this. And for Amazon sellers, a great way to add curiosity to your marketing strategy is to be creative with the review request email titles you use e.g. “I have a favour that I’d like to ask you?” instead of just asking for a review.

Trigger #4: Use Photos to Help Customers Visualize

If you run an online store, don’t just include the basic photos of a product against a white backdrop. Instead, look for photos that the supplier has provided showing it in a real-life context. And if the supplier doesn’t have these, consider buying a test product and taking your own photos. The same applies to if you sell on Amazon.

Trigger #5: Use Photos to Create Emotions in Customers

If you run an online store, be sure to include pictures of people using the product and – more importantly – ENJOYING themselves using it too!

Trigger #6: Use Price Anchoring to Push Prices Higher

Price anchoring is when you place two products with different prices side-by-side, and it’s most effective when there are at least 3 pricing tiers. Most people pick the middle-price product. It looks cheap compared to the expensive option, but people will assume it’s higher quality than the cheap option. It’s the comfortable compromise.

Trigger #7: Include Product Pictures with Human Faces

Similar to trigger #6, this trigger uses humans – particularly the face – as a way of increasing sales conversions. Consider purchasing a test product and taking your own photo with the item.

Trigger #8: Pain Is More Motivating Than Pleasure

Pain is a stronger motivator than pleasure. In your product descriptions, emphasize how your product can remove a pain point that a prospective customer is experiencing (and wants to get rid of).

Trigger #9: Create a Common Enemy

Essentially, this is creating an “Us vs. Them” attitude against a competitor you have. Look at your market or niche you are selling in: Who is your common enemy? Identify who they are and position your product against them.

Trigger #10: Phrase Your Prices as Low

When you emphasize how low your prices are using words like “only” and “just”, conversions and sales always increase. When you’re phrasing your pricing in marketing materials, don’t be afraid to verbally minimize the price e.g. “It costs just $9.”

Easiest Way To Find New Customers

Easiest Way To Find New Customers

In this video I show you how to get new clients and customers using social media..

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How To Find Customers And Leads For Your Business

How To Find Customers And Leads For Your Business

How To Find Customers And Leads For Your Business

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I love leads! And so does everyone who is marketing their business. But how do you get them? Cheaply? Or even free?
That’s what I’m talking about today, and I’ve discovered a ZINGER of a way to learn to successfully market online. You won’t want to miss this 😍

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5 Places to Find Customers RIGHT NOW!! for a Woodworking Business

5 Places to Find Customers RIGHT NOW!! for a Woodworking Business

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We’re Jennie and Davis. We love sharing our hobbies with the people we love. That includes you! Join us as we learn to build furniture. We want people to know that anyone can sell the furniture they build as a side-hustle.

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Why you DON'T get CUSTOMERS in BUSINESS ? How to get more Sales and Customers in Business in Hindi

Why you DON'T get CUSTOMERS in BUSINESS ? How to get more Sales and Customers in Business in Hindi

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How To Get Your First 1000 Customers | Dan Martell

How To Get Your First 1000 Customers | Dan Martell

Have you just launched your product and are looking for your first customers? In this video, I share 3 main ingredients you need to make it happen. Watch the video and ready the summary below to learn all the details. This is my freestyle, without notes or prompter.

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Getting your first 1000 customers is no different than getting your first 5,000 or 1,000,000 customers.
It all comes down to a few things:

1) Having a product that delivers on the promise
2) Building a Growth Engine
3) Doing Less

If you can build a product that customers love, you create an engine of growth and you don’t kill your startup by a 1000 papercuts (by doing too many things) then you’ll quickly get your first customers.


Dan Martell is an award-winning Canadian entrepreneur and founder of Clarity, a venture-backed startup that makes it easy to connect with top business minds over the phone. He previously co-founded Flowtown, a San Francisco-based social marketing product which raised funding, grew to over 50,000 small business customers and was eventually acquired by Demandforce in 2011. In 2012, he was named Canada’s top angel investor having completed over 33 investments with companies like Udemy, Intercom, and Unbounce. He believes “you can only keep what you give away” and is heavily involved in many charitable organizations & community events.

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How To Make $100/Day With Ebay And Shopify – Find Customers That Love To Pay You Money

How To Make $100/Day With Ebay And Shopify – Find Customers That Love To Pay You Money

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How to find customers on Twitter who need your business

How to find customers on Twitter who need your business

This short video walks you step by step through the process I use daily which helps find customers who are looking for a full range of specific businesses on Twitter using the free IFTTT Tool.


This is my first ever video tutorial, I know the quality of the video and audio isn’t great but would appreciate some feedback to help me improve!

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How to Find Customers and Business Partners In Your Local Area (Without Feeling Awkward or Sales-y)

How to Find Customers and Business Partners In Your Local Area (Without Feeling Awkward or Sales-y)

One of the smartest and most effective ways to grow your network marketing or direct sales business is get out and connect with people in your own local area.

If the idea of introducing new people (or even friends or other acquaintances) to your business feels intimidating, you aren’t alone! How exactly do you approach strangers and strike up a conversation? How can you mention your business to people you know (without things feeling weird)? Is there an elegant way to do this, and if so – how? Watch this video to learn network marketing tips and how to find mlm leads.