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How to Find Untapped Reservoirs of Customers | Agency Focus & Clarity Training

How to Find Untapped Reservoirs of Customers | Agency Focus & Clarity Training

There’s an untapped reservoir of customers out there right now, ready to invest in their businesses.

Join John Logar for today’s agency training video to find out who these cashed-up companies are and how to connect with them.

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This recording is from the June 18th session of Consulting Unleashed’s live webinar training series.

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How To Find Prospects & Customers Online That Are Already Interested In Your Business

How To Find Prospects & Customers Online That Are Already Interested In Your Business

How To Find Prospects & Customers Online That Are Already Interested In Your Business
Free Download 6 Daily Activities to recruit 3 to 5 people per week in your business: ➡️ ➡️ http://marknelsononline.com/6dailysteps

01:35 – How To Use The Power Of Social Media To Grow Your Business
01:59 – So Far….
02:22 – Target Market

05:22 – The Perfect Prospect

06:12 – Target Market
06:43 – My Daily Activities For Building My Network
07:46 – Follow People – From My Newsfeed
08:40 – Follow People – From My Timeline, Pages, Groups
09:42 – Follow People – From My Timeline, Pages, Groups
10:54 – The Perfect Prospect
12:22 – The Perfect Prospect – Groups, Pages
12:40 – The Perfect Prospect
13:38 – Initial Message – Convo Starter
15:14 –
15:40 – Example:
16:12 –
16:19 – Example:
16:36 – Building Rapport
17:29 – Building Rapport
No No’s
18:24 – Tracking
19:55 – Quick Recap
20:54 –


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➡️➡️ http://marknelsononline.com/6dailysteps


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How to find customers – Part 2

How to find customers – Part 2

http://askandysmith.com/resources-yt/ for more free resources.
How to find customers you must offer premium products. How to sell premium options

Learning sales skills is an important part of growing your business. Selling with out being ‘Salesy.’ The Very Best Sales Skills
This Video is understanding how to sell premium options

How to Find Customers to Buy Your Stuff (3 Amazing Tips)

How to Find Customers to Buy Your Stuff (3 Amazing Tips)

This training is on how to identify who is your ideal avatar or customer. I give you a few interesting techniques so you won’t have to try and “guess” anymore. Find who wants your stuff, then give them what they want. I show you how in this video. To go even deeper take the Free masterclass which includes more examples and Q and A.

0:38 Intro and overview
1:07 What this video covers + Things to remember
2:39 Where to start (research)
2:56 Niching down
3:20 How to leverage FACEBOOK + groups
4:04 Exercise: How to Find your niche’s customers
7:08 Creating a targeting list
8:19 Finding authority figures in your niche
9:15 How to find where your customers actually are
10:19 Review & Summary
11:18 Special course breakdown

Free Target Market Masterclass (goes much more in depth) and comes with an eBook: http://bit.ly/targetmasterclass

Full Target Market Success Training Course: https://obsu.teachable.com/p/targetmarketing

Links mentioned in the video:
Kevin Kelly 1000 True Fans Blog: http://kk.org/thetechnium/1000-true-fans/

1000 True Fans Video: https://youtu.be/Wlg3808gDic

Find your target market in JUST 3 DAYS! http://bit.ly/marketingtargets

We show you how to get your online business up and running and how to market it. We create how-to videos for creating: opt-ins, landing pages, creating lead magnets, how to find your target market, and more!

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How to Get SEO Clients Even if You Don’t Have a Website

How to Get SEO Clients Even if You Don’t Have a Website

Want more SEO clients for your agency? Learn 5 unique strategies on how to get more of them.
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Additional Client Acquisition Resources

Sam’s Client Acquisition “Experiment” ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7OMr3bN8WY&feature=youtu.be&t=856

SEO Leads: How to Get $1K+/Month SEO Clients (with a Simple Video Pitch) ► https://ahrefs.com/blog/seo-leads/

Before you watch this video, you should have a history of producing results and be able to help any client you choose to take on.

If you’re looking to make a quick buck, we recommend that you master your craft first so that the tips and strategies you learn in this video will be 10X more effective.

The first way to get SEO clients is via partnerships. There are two types of partnerships you should get involved with. You’ll learn what these partnerships are and how to make it work for your business.

The second strategy is to speak at conferences. You’ll learn why being on stage is a powerful client acquisition channel for your business.

The third strategy: inbound marketing. This is likely the most valuable for your business because your results are your strongest selling point.

You’ll learn how to use inbound marketing to generate more SEO clients.

The fourth strategy is to apply for jobs. How does that work? While applying for jobs and getting more SEO clients might seem vastly different, there’s a powerful factor that comes into play.

You’ll find out what this factor is and how to make this strategy work for your business.

The last strategy is cold outreach. This is the most common approach. You’ll learn a sample template on how to do such outreach and why that template works.


1:27 – Get involved in partnerships
3:43 – Speak at conferences
4:19 – Invest in inbound marketing
6:04 – Apply for jobs
7:13 – Do cold outreach

#seoclients #howtogetclients #seoleads

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How To Get More Local Photography Clients on Instagram | ONE EASY TIP

How To Get More Local Photography Clients on Instagram | ONE EASY TIP

I am so excited to share this very easy tip to attracting photography clientele and customers in your own backyard. This is something super easy to implement into your photo page, regardless if it’s set to a business or personal profile. However, I see it often getting overlooked! I hope this helps you because I know it has increased my local presence and engagement.


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How to get Your First Design Clients

How to get Your First Design Clients

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Video Description: This video is the method I would use if, I had to join in the design community, something I am super passionate about, and make my first steps to getting clients. I got so into it I created a second ID known as JuxtiDesigns. Here’s the journey to my first client in about 13 hours of starting work.

Who is Juxti: https://twitter.com/JuxtiDesigns

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Simple Tricks to Approach + Land Big Clients

Simple Tricks to  Approach + Land Big Clients

Landing your dream client is simpler than you think. Use these tricks to wow them into hiring you.

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