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How to Find Customers Without Looking

How to Find Customers Without Looking

The key to finding customers is to stop looking. That’s right! When you stop pursuing, the challenge of how to find customers dissipates..IF you do it the right way.

In this video, I’ll show you how to find customers effortlessly by getting them to come to you. You can sit back and relax (or work on other things) while your ideal customers come to you.

While other businesses spend money on ads that may or may not work, smart business owners attract qualified customers naturally. How? By making sure that visitors to your business website are looking for what you sell. Using my method for how to find customers without pursuing them is a little more complicated than it might sound. But I want to help you do it. Maybe you will invite me over to your pool for drinks with little umbrellas – here’s hoping!

I’ve been drawing in qualified leads without a sales team for years. I spend time by the pool, take walks, garden a whole lot, and play with cats. Prospective clients who are looking for what I do contact me regularly, and I literally do nothing to get them to find and reach out to me.

To boost your business success let me show you how to find customers that want what you sell.

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Marketing for Artists: How to Sell When “Customers Just Don’t Understand”

Marketing for Artists: How to Sell When “Customers Just Don’t Understand”

Do you ever feel like you know what your audience needs more than they do? In this (pre-pandemic) Call-In show, Marie shares crucial advice on marketing for artists and entrepreneurs who struggle to find where their inspiration meets customers’ needs. #MarieTVClips
C’mon over to https://www.marieforleo.com/2020/10/marketing-strategies/ for more creative marketing strategies after the episode.

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Struggling to Find Marketing Strategies That Work? Seth Godin and Marie Forleo Can Help: https://youtu.be/9YFNgKwv31A
How to Sell Products Online: https://youtu.be/OWu8woYdipg
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How To Identify Your Customers Online | 5 Easy Steps To Find Prospects Who Are Ready To Buy From You

How To Identify Your Customers Online | 5 Easy Steps To Find Prospects Who Are Ready To Buy From You

How to find people who are ready to buy what you sell. In this video you will discover the steps to identify people that are willing to buy from you.

Getting rejections from people when you try to sell to them is not strange, it happens, it’s bound to happen and it’s not something you can stop permanently but you can reduce the number of rejections by identifying the customers that will buy from you.

If you follow these steps in this video, you will be able to identify the customers that are ready to buy from you.


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Where do I find my customers for printing and promotional products – vlog 320 – Print Shop Updates

Where do I find my customers for printing and promotional products – vlog 320 – Print Shop Updates

Today I thought it was going to be a slow day, it ended up being pretty busy. I thought today I’d cover how I find customers. I’d say the majority of my customers come because of word of mouth. Whether that’s from existing customers, friends, or family. I also get many referrals from BNI and lastly from social media. Most of my social media referrals are from groups that people refer my service, so not directly from my social media posts.

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00:00 Time to call it…
01:50 Where I find customers
03:18 BNI
04:19 Social Media
05:08 Starting from scratch ideas
07:19 Printing posters on the HP Latex
08:13 Cutting the posters with the Keencut
08:37 Printing postcards on the Konica
09:04 Cutting on the Duplo
09:27 Email List
10:06 Questions
11:02 Power outage

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How To Find Clients As A Freelancer (Full Freelancing Tutorial!)

How To Find Clients As A Freelancer (Full Freelancing Tutorial!)

In this video, I’ll literally show you how to find clients as a freelancer, and this includes freelancers who are doing their freelancing on Fiverr, Upwork, People per hour, freelancer, it doesn’t matter where what I’ll show you in this video will surely help you with finding clients as a freelancer…

Knowing how to get freelance clients as a freelancer is something that I really feel anyone who is starting to work independently as a freelancer from home should really know how to do, cause, let’s face it..

To find new freelance clients isn’t really hard when you know what you’re doing, knowing how to find freelance clients and knowing how to freelance are two different things and I say this because you might be very skilled at what you do but when you do not know exactly how to find a freelancing job and get clients then it means you won’t be getting freelance clients and if you are not finding them then there’s no point being good at what you do because no one will give you freelance work and actually find out that you’re skilled…

Just watch this video all the way through and trust me, by the end of it, you’ll have enough information to go out there and get your first freelance client today…

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➜ https://lifehacker.com/an-experienced-freelancers-guide-to-finding-clients-1610357303

➜ https://www.creativelive.com/blog/how-to-get-freelance-clients-to-come-to-you/

➜ https://www.bidsketch.com/blog/leads/get-more-clients/

➜ https://millo.co/how-to-get-freelance-clients


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Find Your Customers On TikTok

Find Your Customers On TikTok

Find Your Customers On TikTok! (Plus more goodies, below!⬇️) Entrepreneur Mom TikTok Marketing Strategy! How To Use TikTok For Your Business! Want to know hoHow w to use TikTok for your business as an entrepreneur mom? This video will show you how to use TikTok as a very powerful entrepreneur mom marketing tool to help you in your busy life as a busy entrepreneur mom so you can be more successful. If you’re looking for a marketing strategy that can help you improve your brand as an entrepreneur mom living your busy entrepreneur mom life, this video will show you a bunch of ideas on how to do that so it’s real and achievable for you on TikTok. This is an Entrepreneur TikTok Marketing Strategy.

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