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The 6 Best Lead Gen Lists for Digital Marketing Agencies

The 6 Best Lead Gen Lists for Digital Marketing Agencies

John Logar shares the 6 Best Lists to find leads for your digital marketing agency. Now there’s no excuse to find quality leads for your company.

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Exclusive Lead Generation Lead Generation For Small Businesses

Exclusive Lead Generation Lead Generation For Small Businesses

Exclusive Lead Generation-Lead Generation For Small Businesses-call 855-943-8736 and visit us at

All-inclusive online marketing approach including paid ads, SEO, local maps listing, mobile targeting, and more for maximum business visibility.

Accelerated Campaign Launch Both our clients and our research shows that our SEO competitors typically don’t deliver even a single lead until 30, 60, or even 90 days into their lead generation campaign.

We focus on delivering a positive return on investment as soon as possible, so you can start growing your business sooner. By streamlining our processes and systems, we start delivering steady business leads in as little as 2 weeks.

Verified Local Leads
BusinessCreator delivers ‘Verified Local Leads’ direct to your phone. Our lead verification process helps us determine which leads are from actual people looking for your services, located in your target market. This allows us to exclude calls from telemarketers, existing clients, and spam from your lead counts.

Access to your Lead Manager Dashboard means that you can monitor your leads or listen to call recordings anytime, day or night.

Immediate Lead Delivery
When a new prospect contacts you, they often are in need of immediate assistance. All of your leads are instantly delivered directly to you either as a phone call to your preferred business line or as an email for form completions.

Unlike other lead generation firms, we never have our clients compete for the same lead. Although your leads are yours alone, a timely response is still paramount to converting them to a client.

Conversion Training & Guidance
Our top priority is building a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with our clients. Our online training database full of articles, scripts, and tips is available to help you overcome your unique business obstacles to success, or we provide free, personalized business consulting to our clients.

We assist with both identification of areas of concern, as well as formulating a strategy to get your business back on track.

For more information on our Exclusive Lead Generation-Lead Generation For Small Businesses-call 855-943-8736 and visit us at https://www.businesscreatorplus.com/lead-generation/digital-advertising/

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There can only be one dominate business of your type in your local market. Call our Toll Free Number 855-943-8736 if you want to know more about being number 1 in your local online market.
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Case Study: How to Create Personalized Marketing with Charts [Digital Marketers Australia]

Case Study: How to Create Personalized Marketing with Charts [Digital Marketers Australia]

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In this video you’ll discover a lead generation strategy using marketing personalization. Leadshook.com, a Personalization Marketing Software was used to execute personalization marketing at scale.

See the landing page here:

Marketers can use this personalization strategy to market live events.

Here’s what you will learn in this video:

How to plan and execute a personalized marketing strategy

How to turn selling a live event into a solution

How to entice your visitors, leads and customers to self-select their problems and desires.

How to ask profiling questions to create micro market segments

How adding a dynamic charts and diagrama boosts conversions

Learn a new way to create and execute personalized lead generation

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Increase the value of your marketing and lead generation by going to https://www.leadshook.com

Lead Generation Strategies For 2019 And Beyond

Lead Generation Strategies For 2019 And Beyond

Here are some simple lead generation strategies for 2019 that actually work.

In this case study, I show you how I provide my niche traffic with a completely free method, plus I offer them a helpful solution that actually supplements the step-by-step method.

You can check out the post I refer to in the video right here:

Also, I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without thrive leads, here’s a tutorial of me using it:

If you want to learn more about retargeted traffic then check this video out:

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Inside My $700k Lead Generation DIGITAL NOMAD Business 2019

Inside My $700k Lead Generation DIGITAL NOMAD Business 2019

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Web: https://lifetailored.com/

I’ve been making 6 figures the past 11 years by running affiliate marketing blogs.

What is affiliate marketing?

Real quick refresher on affiliate marketing: affiliate marketing is getting paid to refer a person to buy a product or service.

For instance, if you decide to start your own affiliate marketing blog after watching this video and use my link, I get paid around $70.

Affiliate marketing blogs can be focused on anything. From reviews of stand-up paddle boards to parenting tips for traveling with small children.

NATOS System

This whole system is based around the concept of creating an asset, in this case your website, that you can sell later. A ton of people can make money by sending DMs on Instagram but that process is a lot harder to sell and there aren’t many buyers out there which effectively means you won’t get a 3X return which is why the the NATOS system is so great.

If you want to follow this system I’m putting a link to Bluehost down below, it’s what I used when I first started and costs just $3.95 per month and you get a free domain.

How to find a Great Niche?

Your niche could be anything. My advice is to focus on something that’s catching steam now and will be popular in the future. Examples of past amazing niches:

Mattress reviews (Casper, best)
Gig jobs review (Uber, Postmates)
Subscription box reviews (Blue apron, helloFresh)

Right now there are a ton of products that came out of nowhere and have the potential to be huge. Things like:

Electric scooters

A good way to research is to look in the App Store. Right here I found a fitness app that people are paying a subscription for. You could review fitness classes like class pass, soul cycle etc or even just the apps

Your job is to pick a niche and start cranking out content.

How to find profitable affiliate products?

So this goes hand in hand with picking a niche. If you wanted to focus on electric scooters, your natural start would be to find scooters on amazon to review.

How to drive traffic?

So there are tons of ways to drive traffic:
– youtube
– Social media
– Google or Facebook ads
– Email list

What I’m focusing on now is buying from google and Facebook. When niches are new and the competition is still limited, you can profitably drive traffic.

Now what do I mean by drive traffic? Basically for you to get someone to your website you either pay for each click on your ad or for each view (based on a cpm rate)

Our goal is to drive traffic for the lowest cost possible while also ensuring the traffic converts or gets people to buy.

Let’s take a look at an example affiliate ad on google for paddleboards

When I click on this ad, it’s costing the advertiser anywhere from $.25 to $2 per click, and their hope is I buy something, and it’s likely I will buy something because I searched for “best standup paddleboards.”

This Simple Text ad is the reason google is one of the richest companies in the world. It connects a question with an answer.

How to optimize traffic?

Optimizing traffic is all about the making EPL better CPL.

We do this through a number of ways
– Increasing our conversion rate (how many people buy based on a click of an ad)
– We do this by improving our landing page
– Creating better ads
– Spend more on keywords/sources that convert better
– Reducing our CPC
– Creating better ads
– Better targeting our audience
– Blocking poorly performing keywords / sources
– Reviewing which keywords targeted ads and deleting poor performing

Advertiser Disclosure: Some of the card links and other products that appear on this website are from companies which Life, Tailored will earn an affiliate commission or referral bonus. Life, Tailored is part of an affiliate sales network and receives compensation for sending traffic to partner sites, such as CreditCards.com. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). This site does not include all credit card companies or all available credit card offers.

How to Manage Your Leads & Contacts Using the CRM? | BN Digital

How to Manage Your Leads & Contacts Using the CRM? | BN Digital

Managing leads and contacts in the CRM is very important to keep on top of your prospects and progress of leads.

Basically at the end of the day, all you care about is you’re getting an email with own link to tier 1 leads each day along with a link to your tier 2 leads with some other stuff like Facebook Groups and LinkedIn Contacts.

With tier 2 leads, those are just people who have opened emails, they engaged with content, but they haven’t done something that clearly horns an outreach like downloading an e-book or replying toward messaging etc …

In the CRM, we separate these leads into active leads who have engaged with your content and that’s all you’ll ever see from most of the leads.

At BN Digital, we have SaaS business social marketing management tools to help you get found in your local market. Powerful social selling tools waiting for you.

Do you want more leads?

BN.Digital is the inbound marketing & lead generation agency offshoot of BizNexus and is built specifically for business intermediaries, buyout groups, strategic acquirers and related professionals within the mergers and acquisitions industry. We have over twenty years in the industry, we know the intimacies of the financial services vernacular, and we’ve refined our targeting and lead qualification over decades of practice.

We specialize in deal origination and business owner lead generation by industry niche and/or geographic territory, and have a proprietary program for transitioning your sales & marketing outreach from analog to digital.

Visit our website to learn more https://www.bn.digital/

Digital Marketing 2019: THIS is Where You Start

Digital Marketing 2019: THIS is Where You Start

Digital Marketing 2019: THIS is Where You Start

People always want to know where they should start when it comes to digital marketing and lead generation.

There are 7 Steps to Digital Lead Generation Mastery.

In this video, I cover Step 1: Set Your Goals

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

-Andrew Pawlak
Co-Founder & CEO




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What’s up? A lot of people come to me and they say, “Andrew, how do I get leads, how do I get traffic?” And I can’t answer that with this magic bullet response, I’m not made that way. I can’t just tell you, “Hey, turn on traffic, go run some Facebook ads to a good landing page, ask the right questions, set up the right messaging, you’ll get results.”

Definitely, it’s doable. I see it all the time, we do it for clients daily, we run Facebook ads internally for our clients. For mortgage, for real estate, for insurance. We know how to bring those kind of leads in the door. And you could do the same thing.

But, I’m looking at it more as a long-term. How are we gonna build something that lasts and it’s here and it’s producing more and more business, more and more consistently over the long haul. The next two, three, five, 10 years. You know? Hopefully before the robots obviously take over and they put all of us out of work. But we’re not there yet.

So, getting results. Yeah, kind of rewire, I think, the way a lot of people come at it where they want traffic, they want leads right away, they don’t really think about what they gotta build up. There’s more of a foundational aspect to it. You gotta set your goals, that’s the big thing. First, too, is knowing that if you’re in a position where you have $10,000 to spend over let’s just say a 90 day period on running ads, you’re in a very different position, different conversation, I would have with you, different set of recommendations I’d make than if you come at it with a $500 budget or nothing and you gotta try to do some elbow grease and put effort into running traffic.

So there’s different ways you can go about it. But first thing you gotta do is set your goals, look at what do I have to spend, how many leads does it typically take me to close a deal. That’s crucial to look at and analyze and think about. Is it, I’m pretty much right now in a spot where I close one out of every five deals? That’s great. But, where are those currently coming from? If that’s all referral-based, let’s just say, if those are realtor referrals, past clients that are sending you their friends, family, their clients, the closing that you’re gonna get on that’s really different than what you’re gonna get out of Facebook leads.

You might close one out of every 20 or one out of every 50 of those. So you gotta come into it with a different mindset. And know, okay, if I’ve got, again, 500 bucks, my leads cost me maybe five bucks a pop, I gotta get 100 of them, can I close one out of every 100 or one out of every 50? And that’s what you have to look at. And knowing that, going into it, this is a completely different ballgame than the closing rate you can expect from the realtor referrals that you’re getting.

Or if it’s Google ads and maybe your cost per lead is more, maybe it’s 50 bucks a lead but your closing rate’s one out of every 10, you’re at a good spot. $500 to close one deal, you could probably make that math work all day long, pretty much all over the country. There’s not that many places where you could spend $500, close the loan, sell a house and not be in a really good spot on that. And then it’s like, is this a gumball machine? Can I just put in 500 bucks and pretty consistently pull out a closed deal?

When you find that, hold on to it and that’s a great channel for you. In most cases, spending 500 bucks to close one deal, that’s beautiful. We can do that all day long, let’s keep running that traffic and seeing what else we can maybe experiment, maybe we can get the cost per lead down and get those numbers even better. But I’d say if you’re in that spot, you’re in a pretty good place.

You know, $1,000 to close the deal, even, that’s not terrible. In many markets, if you’re making four, five, $6,000 on a loan for example, spending $1,000 or even 1,500 bucks to close a deal, that’s not terrible. So cost per funded loan, that’s an important…