Generating Business Leads – GainMindsahre Webinar for Offline Consultants, Yellow Pages Scraper

Generating Business Leads – GainMindsahre Webinar for Offline Consultants, Yellow Pages Scraper Finding Business Leads both with tools and without tools is discussed in this webinar. What you will find is that while the process is easy and straightforward without tools, it is time consuming. However the process is well worth your time if you want to find clients for your business. Or better yet, if you want to find clients for your customer’ business. Think about what kind of hero you would be, if you could consistently develop lists of people for them to call on with contact information.

However, the time consuming portion of it can be overcome with software. Some call the software a yellow pages scraper. The developer calls it Business Leads Miner. What it does is it finds businesses listed on the yellow pages in any country and in any niche. This is very helpful if you are trying to find companies in a certain demographic.

The developer’s name is Jonathan Teng, and because, Jon literally develops his own software he stands behind it and for that reason I trust it. I rarely put my stamp of approval on software developed by marketers because typically it goes unsupported. That is NOT the case with Jon, he is very good about supporting his product and does a great job of adding the features over time that truly matter to marketers.

So what does this Yellow Page scraper actually do? In some ways, it does the very same thing that other scrapers do. But BLM of business leads miner adds some conveniences that you wont see elsewhere. In any case, I hope that you enjoy the webinar.

How to make Smooth or Punchy Leads/Melodies!

How to make Smooth or Punchy Leads/Melodies!

Why do the Da Tweekaz leads sound so punchy?
And why is that Headhunterz sound so smooth?
Perhaps this will throw some light on the case!

Mentioned in this video:

– My Leads Bank (it’s all i used)

– My Sample Pack

– Everything above and more

The Andrew Huang tutorial on Synthesis

Headhunterz – Oxygen

Da Tweekaz – The Wire

– Waves CLA3A

That Moment When… you find a new way to impress your customers

That Moment When… you find a new way to impress your customers

Avery love demonstrating our free online label creator Avery Design & Print. That moment when our consumers release how much time and energy they can save by switching to our software is priceless.
Meet Body Shop at Home area manager Melany. She discovered how Design & Print could help her create special finishing touches and personalised messages on her customers’ orders.

Increase Business from Existing Customers / How to Find which companies your Customers Moved to

Increase Business from Existing Customers / How to Find which companies your Customers Moved to

Job-Change Finder ( is a smart tool that helps you to update your existing customer / contact / prospect list with their latest business contact information. The software helps you to find if any of your contacts have changed jobs. It also enables you to find the latest company, title, business email address and business phone number of your contacts.

In 2 minutes I’m going to show you a way to /Increase Business/, from customers /you already know/.

25% of your customers probably changed jobs last year – They moved out of their existing company and into a new company.

Won’t it be easy for you to get new business your existing customers who moved? They’ve tasted success with your products or services. they are low hanging deals!

BUT, how do you know which 25% of your customers MOVED..?
AND and how do you get their new contact information?

In the next minute, I’m going to show you how it’s done. I’ll be using the Job-Change Finder. That’s a leadgen tool from eGrabber.

Here’s How It Works.

You import a customer list into Job-Change Finder it scans the Internet and Social Networks to tell YOU who changed their job.

Press another button, and it gets your their latest contact information in their new company.

It’s that easy.

Don’t leave money on the table. Reach out to your customers who moved and close those low-hanging deals.

But wait, if it works on customers, does it work on prospects too? does it work on high-profile accounts? and in-the-funnel deals?

Yes, it does! Works on ANY list of Names and Companies.

Give us a call today. We’ll give you a live Demo, with your Customer List.

Fazland – find new customers without any fixed costs

Fazland – find new customers without any fixed costs

You’re a tradesman and you are looking for new ways to get in touch with potential customers, right? Fazland is specialized in home repairs and renovations and it helps construction companies and tradesman getting the best out of the internet for uncovering new opportunities.

Registration is free and you are immediately able to evaluate all requests around you. Each job is complete of details provided by the clients, its urgency, contact preferences etc. In case you find requests which are interesting, you can purchase the customer contact details so to propose a survey, a budget and get the job done!

Fazland is available both as website and app, so you can use your smartphone and tablet to get the most out of your time losing no opportunities out there!

Fazland is currently available in Italy, soon in new countries across Europe!

How to Find Clients

How to Find Clients

Wondering how (and where) to find your next clients? This is probably the question I hear most often when working with small business owners: It seems that everyone wants to know what’s the best way to find clients. So in this episode we focus on how to find clients.

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Free Lead Generation Software 2020 – Viral Lead Builder System

Free Lead Generation Software 2020 – Viral Lead Builder System

free lead generation software 2020 – Viral lead builder system:
How to generate free traffic online:
A complete and free traffic generation system with a multiple income stream built in that can build up to a $500 a day income from home.
Have you been thinking of using Youtube to grow your business
but you’re not sure where to start and you’re scared of wasting time on the wrong steps? Let me help you! I’ll show you the right steps on how to setup and grow your channel quickly get your first 100 subs and a lot more views, subscribers and leads for you business:

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Lead Generation Software Finds Targeted Business Opportunity Leads Instantly

Lead Generation Software Finds Targeted Business Opportunity Leads Instantly The Ultimate Lead Magnet Lead Generation Software Finds Targeted Leads Instantly

Most powerful lead generation software available in the world. Get business leads fast. Everybody knows that it’s expensive to acquire leads, targeted ones especially. By using this powerful, easy to use lead generation software you can now attract targeted leads like a magnet with just a few clicks of the mouse. Complete with built in contact form and open and link tracking abilities. This Lead Generation Software Finds Targeted Business Opportunity Leads Instantlydoes most of the Lead Generation for you. It’s the best Lead Generation Software in the industry.

A great Lead Generation needs to start with a great Lead Magnet. When you add the viral Lead Generation element to the mix you have a Lead Generation Software Finds Targeted Business Opportunity Leads Instantly that builds leads and revenue instantly. It will Finds Targeted Business Opportunity Leads Instantly .

LinkedIn Profinder: Get Automatic Leads Looking For Your Services Right NOW

LinkedIn Profinder: Get Automatic Leads Looking For Your Services Right NOW

How awesome would it be to generate leads of people in your local area who are actually looking for your services right now in real-time? That’s exactly what you can do with LinkedIn Profinder.

Many business owners don’t even know LinkedIn Profinder exists, but it’s a great way to get a steady stream of new leads with people looking for your services.

LinkedIn Pro Finder can provide you with new leads every month if you have a business that provides one of the following services supported by LinkedIn profinder:

Software Development:

iOS Development
Android Development
Application Development
Web Design
Web Development
Business Analytics
Cloud Application Development
Cloud Management
Custom Software Development
Database Development
Enterprise Content Management
Information Management
Information Security Consulting
Mobile Development
SaaS Development
Software Testing
UX Design

IT Services:

IT Consulting
Computer Repair
Computer Networking
Home and Office Networking
Storage and Backup


3D Design
Ad Design
Brand Design
Graphic Design
Interaction Design
Logo Design
Print Design
UX Design
Visual Design
Web Design
WordPress Design
User Experience Research
Video Editing
Interior Design
Industrial Design

Writing and Editing:

Content Strategy
Technical Writing
Grant Writing


Advertising Consulting
Email Marketing
Social Media Marketing
SEO Consulting
SEM Consulting
Market Research
Content Marketing
Brand Marketing
Event Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Lead Generation (the one I’m using right now)
Digital Marketing
Direct Mail Marketing
Marketing Consulting
Real Estate Marketing
PR Consulting
Business Consulting
Advertising Consulting
Brand Consulting

Business Consulting:

Educational Consulting
Email Marketing
Environmental Consulting
Finance Consulting
Healthcare Consulting
Human Resources Consulting
Legal Consulting
Political Consulting
PR Consulting
Pricing Consulting
SEO Consulting
SEM Consulting
Strategy Consulting
Tax Consulting
Marketing Consulting
Nonprofit Consulting
Project Management


Personal Injury Law
Criminal Defense Law
Divorce Law
Family Law
Estate Planning Law
Bankruptcy Law
Immigration Law
Real Estate Law
Wills Planning Law
Tax Law
Labor Law
Patent Law
Trademark Law
Trust and Estate Litigation
Business Law
Technology Law
Consumer Law
Corporate Law
Entertainment Law
Copyright Law
Intellectual Property Law


Tax Preparation
Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
Financial Advisor
Mortgage Broker
Small Business Taxes
Personal Taxes

Financial Services:

Financial Advisor
Wealth Management
Retirement Planning
Certified Financial Planner (CFP®)
Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)


Career Coach
Resume Writing
Executive Coach
Life Coach
Public Speaking
Leadership Development
Interview Coach

Real Estate:

Real Estate Agent
Property Management
Mortgage Broker
Commercial Real Estate Agent
Real Estate Law
Real Estate Appraisal
Real Estate Marketing
Commercial Lending


Home Insurance
Life Insurance
Small Business Insurance
Health Insurance
Auto Insurance
Commercial Insurance


Wedding Photography
Real Estate Photography
Nature Photography
Video Editing
Sports Photography
Event Photography
Pet Photography
Portrait Photography
Headshot Photography
Commercial Photography

Home Improvement:

Interior Design
Landscape Design

Can you see your type of business on the list of services? If so, there’s a good chance you can generate leads on LinkedIn using LinkedIn Profinder every month.

If you’d like to learn how to generate leads on LinkedIn by creating a video sales letter and get more people responding to your LinkedIn profinder proposals, then click here to sign up for the free Masterclass training I’ve recorded that shows you how you can do this:

How to Get Leads from Facebook Groups – Groupboss Step by Step Tutorial

How to Get Leads from Facebook Groups – Groupboss Step by Step Tutorial

Do you want to learn How to Get Leads from Facebook Groups? Then this video is for you. Lead generation from Facebook groups is something many people are not using (it’s a missed opportunity). I’ll share my secret tool and also the process I use.

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Groupboss Lifetime –

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