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Here’s a free traffic source you have to see, that you can use to get leads.

It’s a social media network built for people like you and me. It was specifically built for entrepreneurs to network, to share their content, and to promote their businesses.

It invites you to sell your products, offer your services, send emails across the platform, and it can be used for lead generation too.

You can find and join relevant groups, for practically every niche. You can create your own groups and build a hub of laser-targeted traffic. It lets you access local traffic, and post classified ads, so you can promote your offers. You can add friends and grow a network. Upload videos, and create blog posts. There are active forums for tons of niches, and you can create your own.

So in all, this gives you MULTIPLE ways to step in front of your target audience, deliver value, and establish yourself as an authority figure.

More ways to get traffic and leads: