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Beginners Guide: How To Generate High Quality Business Leads (4-Step Strategy / Tutorial)

Beginners Guide: How To Generate High Quality Business Leads (4-Step Strategy / Tutorial)

In this video, I’m going to give you a simple 4 step framework that you can follow to start generating leads online. This is perfect if you’re a beginner or even if you’ve got some experience in generating leads but haven’t had much success with getting these leads to convert.

So, how does it work?

All you need to do is follow these 4 steps:

Step 1: Solve a real big problem your potential clients have

It doesn’t matter what you do to generate leads, if you don’t solve a big painful problem with your funnel and content, your lead gen is not going to work. You can generate leads online for free (organically) or by using paid ads later on, but before you do any of that, you need to have a clear problem you solve for potential clients in your messaging.

Step 2: Have at least ONE system to generate leads

When it comes to lead generation, everyone is trying to do everything. They think the more lead gen channels they use, the better. But what actually happens is you usually end up spreading yourself too thin.

It’s much better to focus on ONE system to generate leads online and get really good at that one system… And then add another channel.

I started out using LinkedIn direct messaging, Google SEO, and then Facebook Ads.

Step 3: Have at least ONE system to convert leads into clients

This might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people do not already have a system in their business to follow up and nurture leads into clients.

The system I use to nurture leads online and convert them into paying clients is to create content and then email leads this content on a regular basis.

Leads do not automatically convert into sales, so you MUST have a way to nurture and convert leads into paying clients and customers.

Step 4: Use technology to automate as much as you can

It would take forever to manually follow up with your leads and generate leads online.

But these days you can very easily use tech and different software to automate most of the work.

I recommend you use Kartra to automate lead generation in your business.You can see my review of Kartra here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFjD72wEoUc

If you’d like to get a trial of Kartra you can sign up here: https://www.skylinesocial.com/kartra

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Best Facebook Ads Objective to Generate Leads? Traffic vs Facebook Lead Form Ads vs Conversions

Best Facebook Ads Objective to Generate Leads? Traffic vs Facebook Lead Form Ads vs Conversions

When it comes to generating leads on Facebook, one of the first things Facebook will ask you is what is your marketing objective?

When it comes to generating leads, most business owners choose either the “Traffic”, “Lead Generation” or “Conversion” objective.

But which one of these Facebook Ad marketing objectives is best if your goal is to generate the most amount of high quality leads?

In this video, I break down the main key differences between the top 3 Facebook Ad lead generation objectives.

Here’s a quick summary:


This will optimize your Facebook ad campaign for getting the most amount of clicks and visitors to your landing page. Although this can generate leads, it still doesn’t optimize the Facebook ads algorithm for leads. It’s optimizing the Facebook ads campaign for traffic. So I would recommend skipping traffic and doing one of the other following objectives.

Lead Generation:

The lead generation option will show users a pre-populated form on the Facebook platform. This makes generating leads really quick and easy, but sometimes because it’s so easy for users to fill out a form, the quality isn’t that high.


This is my favorite objective in Facebook. With the conversion objective, you can tell Facebook what you consider a conversion (for example a lead, sales appointment or new client) and Facebook will optimize your campaign for that specific objective.

To learn how to set up the best funnel for generating leads, sales appointments and clients in a way that is predictable, profitable and automated using Facebook Ads, check out my free Masterclass training here: http://www.salesappointmentsmasterclass.com/

Start To Finish Bass House|#9 Mixing Leads and Bass

Start To Finish Bass House|#9 Mixing Leads and Bass

Support The Channel and COP A Soundset

In this episode, we will be mixing our bass and leads in the song to get it to sound proper. I start by removing the master and get to work on saturating and compressing the bass. I also work heavily on the lead to try to get the unorthodox sound we are using to the level we need it. I’m about 80% happy with the lead by this episode. Hopefully, some of the processing you see helps inspire you in getting your bass and leads to sound proper!

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Case Study: Finding New Customers in Online Forums

Case Study: Finding New Customers in Online Forums

So you’re running an Ecommerce store or you’re planning to start one, and you’re wondering where and how to find your target customers. Have you tried finding news customers in online forums?

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Someone who had gone through my FREE course told me that he realized that he has been crafting his ads and website all wrong. While his website said one thing to his customers, they wanted to hear something completely different.

This is a very common Ecommerce mistake that a lot of online sellers make when they create a website and run ads. They just throw everything in there and hope to get conversions. But it’s not how it works! To succeed in Ecommerce, you need to understand your target customers! You need to know what their problems are, their needs, and their pains.

Understanding customers and finding a way to help them is really important. If you know their pain points, you can craft your website and your ads that will speak directly to your customers. How? You can do this by finding customers online.

But where can you find customers online and how do you reach out to them? I recommend ONLINE FORUMS. Forums are like online chat rooms where people gather to talk about a certain topic, product, or just anything under the sun.

You can search for forums in your niche and maybe create an account so you can join that forum. Once your in, you can see what your target customers are crying about and what they are looking for. This is one of the most effective ways to truly understand your customers.

Sure it’s exhausting but it’s also incredibly enlightening. If you continue using the wrong words and wrong language in your website and ads, you will never get the results that you want. You will never get the attention of the people you are trying to sell your products to.

My FREE Product Page Mastery Course will teach you how to understand your customers and create an incredible product page that converts your customers at over 3% and even up to 10% with the right traffic source. It’s 100% FREE! If you want to up your game and scale your store, get the free course here: https://keycommerce.com/product-page-mastery/

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0:00 Intro
0:20 Understanding customers
0:49 What are online forums?
1:24 Why Using the Right Language is Important
2:51 Product Page Mastery Course

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Find New Clients with Lead Generation and Online Marketing Services by Vine Social Media Marketing

Find New Clients with Lead Generation and Online Marketing Services by Vine Social Media Marketing

Lead Generation and Online Marketing Services from http://www.VineSocialMediaMarketing.com
Leaflet dropping and Yellow Pages campaigns not cutting it anymore? Of course they’re not! We live in an online world where your clients check their mobile phones for information about you even before they venture out the door.

Here at Vine Social Media Marketing, we understand that your time is precious! You don’t need to get bogged down working on tasks associated with implementing your vision for your business. We can handle them for you.

Let our team handle the details of your online marketing so you can continue to do what you do best – leading your organization, and helping your clients! Time to talk to our team of Experts!





As a digital marketing agency, we specialize in Lead Generation | Internet Marketing | Client Acquisition | SEO | Lead Generation | Social Media | Video Marketing | Digital Marketing Strategy | Marketing Training | Video Marketing

You know why your old styles of marketing aren’t working any more? It’s because most of your clients are online…

They’re most likely checking out page one of Google (let me ask you, how often do you click on to page 2, 3 or 4 when you’re searching for something online?), or they’re asking for advice and recommendations from friends and family on Facebook and the other Social Networks. And this is all long before they even pick up the phone!

And if itโ€™s tough for people to find you, that means you’re not standing out from the crowd and your potential clients won’t find you! We can change that. Our highly trained team of Social Media Marketing experts, graphic and web designers work with you to identify and multiply your best sources of profitable traffic.

What we do may seem a little complicated to some, but it’s simple reallyโ€ฆ We tell more people about your services, so you can grow your practice, so you can earn more money. See? Simple!





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How to Get Leads and Make $200 or More Lead Generation (affiliate marketing)

How to Get Leads and Make $200 or More Lead Generation (affiliate marketing)

How to Get Leads and Make $200 or More Lead Generation (affiliate marketing)

In this video I’ll show you a easy way to do affiliate marketing, using lead generation. Step by step you’ll see how to do, and where to go, and how to market your offer.

So if you ever wanted to know how to generate leads and get paid to do it over $200 to do it, this video is for you. Make sure to watch the whole video through to get all the details.

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Exclusive Dealer Leads For Special Finance | Auto Sales Leads | Houston Texas

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How to Prospect for Leads on LinkedIn

How to Prospect for Leads on LinkedIn

This is in this sales training module, we discuss Chapter 26 in The SMART Sales System which outlines tips and processes for how best to use LinkedIn as a sales prospecting tool.

If you would like to download these slides, you can do that on a page on our blog where we posted this video and the slides and that is here https://salesscripter.com/how-to-prospect-for-leads-on-linkedin/

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