McDonald’s is one of the more really more brilliance out business models anywhere online off-line and you would be missing out if you weren’t trying to model how they do their business in fact is they know more about network marketing lead generation and most network marketers do.

McDonald’s gets people in their door by offering a low-cost product and selling it to people whether executes menial or dollar menu at him. This is very similar to network marketing lead generation where you get qualified prospects and people in the door for a very low cost.

They qualify those people by making sure that they go ahead and actually purchase something and then they go ahead and upsell them whether it is a large so large fry or whatever it is.

This is absolutely one of the most powerful ways to contact your business and to go about your network marketing lead generation.

Offer some kind of low-cost information product whether it is related to your products or business opportunity as an up front door for your network marketing lead generation.

Once you’ve qualified those prospects through your network marketing lead generation as buyers, go ahead and offer them an upsell of either your product or business opportunity.

You see this tactic of network marketing lead generation in the offline world as well. Especially true in nutritional MLMs, people offer expositions or training on womens or childrens nutrition and charge a small fee for admission.

Those smart Network marketers,give useful information in the presentation and then simply offer their product at the back door on the way out.

More established people use this method of network marketing lead generation to offer books, CDs or other products in order to further monetize those leads.

This is truly one of the most used models of network marketing lead generation, but used by all businesses of all types.

Go ahead and use this and implement it in your own business to genereate targeted leads of the best kind.