When I started looking for ways how to search twitter I soon found that there were just too many! There are soooooo many apps, programs and search tools you can use.

So which one do you choose? just start with the basics of course!

The trick is to avoid what so many people do, and that’s just ‘following’ everybody under the sun. This leads to two big problems, firstly people may not follow you back so much because they don’t see anything of interest in what you’re doing. Secondly, you may get a slap down from twitter because you’re following too many folk without reciprocation.

That said, in this breakdown of three methods of how to search twitter I’m going to presume a couple of things: you’re new to this twitter thing, and you are looking to build a following on twitter that’s targeted, responsive and will convert to sales. Let’s go!

Method one of how to search twitter for leads is to search for people. Using the basic search bar at the top of your home page, you can search for people you know, or you can search for big names in your niche (if you don’t know who these are, just google ‘top earners in (niche)’).

Once you find some people in your niche who are active on twitter, follow them, maybe send them a message. You can also find people who are following or being followed by these ‘big names’ and follow them too. Easy right? All the time you are opening up connections in the relevant niche.

The second method in my how to search twitter tool box is to focus on companies. Again just use the simple search tool at the top of your twitter account home page. This really is simple, pick out some companies that are in your niche (if you’re in MLM, go for MLSP etc.) and search using these, BINGO! up pops all the people who are affiliated with these companies. Again just follow these folk.

Because these people you’re connecting with are all in the same niche as you, you’re gonna get a much more responsive following.

The final way how to search twitter for hot leads is to use the hashtag. This has cropped up on Facebook now and basically highlights a topic. Again in the search bar you can put in terms that are relevant to your business and niche. For example, put in #leadconversion, you can see any tweets talking about lead conversion, giving you direct access to people interested in that topic.

Can you see the potential now? Start getting the basics down of how to search twitter and you can start getting really laser focused.

You maybe thinking “what next?” I’ll tell you what is NOT next and that is once you have found someone in your niche, NOT just spamming them some link to you opp. Everyone does that- remember, zig while others zag and you will be on the right path….

In my next videos I am going to show you some real gems, what to actually post so you can attract and hypnotise your followers, I will also show you some other neat tricks to get you more laser-focused leads…watch this space.

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