Finding Business Leads both with tools and without tools is discussed in this webinar. What you will find is that while the process is easy and straightforward without tools, it is time consuming. However the process is well worth your time if you want to find clients for your business. Or better yet, if you want to find clients for your customer’ business. Think about what kind of hero you would be, if you could consistently develop lists of people for them to call on with contact information.

However, the time consuming portion of it can be overcome with software. Some call the software a yellow pages scraper. The developer calls it Business Leads Miner. What it does is it finds businesses listed on the yellow pages in any country and in any niche. This is very helpful if you are trying to find companies in a certain demographic.

The developer’s name is Jonathan Teng, and because, Jon literally develops his own software he stands behind it and for that reason I trust it. I rarely put my stamp of approval on software developed by marketers because typically it goes unsupported. That is NOT the case with Jon, he is very good about supporting his product and does a great job of adding the features over time that truly matter to marketers.

So what does this Yellow Page scraper actually do? In some ways, it does the very same thing that other scrapers do. But BLM of business leads miner adds some conveniences that you wont see elsewhere. In any case, I hope that you enjoy the webinar.