Flyers for 2020 that will work for Roofing Companies!!!

Finally a flyer that works! Just write down your estimates and hang them on the doors in the neighborhoods. This is Dmitry’s ideal scenario for landing more jobs! Don’t be afraid to give estimates without getting on the roofs! Potential customers appreciate an estimate versus just a marketing flyer. Watch this video and do what works!
Topics in this video:

0:00 Introduction
1:10 How to start marketing
4:11 Dmitry arrives at the office
4:23 The FLYERS!
4:39 Get your’s at Minuteman Press
4:47 The Adhesive does not ruin the paint on doors, etc.
4:59 The principle behind these flyers
5:53 How to use it
6:01 Roof replacement option
6:32 Roof repair option
6:58 People appreciate a personalized estimate
7:30 Talk numbers!
7:36 Roof Tune Up option
7:39 Gutters option
7:53 Give them an estimate! Don’t be afraid!
8:41 More respectful than door knocking
9:12 The cost of repair is the homeowner’s business
9:50 These flyers are my ideal scenario for more jobs
11:07 Treat them as a lead generation
11:54 What do you think?

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