Master the basics of Content Marketing in 5 simple steps. Leverage Content Marketing to drive more leads and sales to your business.

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Table of Contents:
0:16 – Introduction to Content Marketing
0:34 – Step 1) Choose Your Medium
1:11 – Step 2) Identify Your Customer Problems
1:56 – Step 3) Content Frame
3:28 – Step 4) Make Your Content!
3:48 – Step 5) Embed A Soft CTA
4:49 – Bonus) Pro-Tip!

Content Marketing Basics – 5 Easy Steps For Crafting Magnetic Content (Sales & Lead Generation)

content marketing basics – content marketing tips for small business

Looking to increase your brand awareness and reach more qualified leads? Start by learning content marketing basics. What is Content Marketing? Content marketing is the process of creating high-quality, valuable content to attract, inform, and engage your audience. The basic forms of contents are videos, blog posts or podcasts that builds a relationship with your potential customer by being entertaining or valuable. Content marketing is booming this 2018 given that through content marketing hacks, a lot of entrepreneurs are successfully building their brand awareness, increasing their audience engagement and in turn generate qualified leads and increased their sales and profitability.

In this video, I will talk about the top content marketing strategies that you can implement in your business. Through the content marketing tips that I will show you, you can capture the attention of your target audience members and eventually buy from you.

The first thing to develop high-quality content for your business is to identify your ideal customers’ problems so you can know what content marketing strategy fits them. What are they struggling with right now that you can help them with? What kinds of questions are they asking? Before you write a single line of text, make sure you have a clear picture of who you are making the content for. The content that you will create should be relevant to their needs. Plus, in this content marketing introduction, I have discussed a content marketing strategy that will ensure your content answers their questions and just as importantly helps them overcome specific roadblocks.

As you create advanced content marketing strategy for your business and are able to create a lot of great content, you can actually begin to link out and reference other content you’ve done in the past. In this way, you give your audience the opportunity to check out something else you have that my be more relevant to where they are right now.

Notice how for this video I mentioned resources in the description? That kept the video short and on topic, while giving you a chance to take a deeper dive if your interested.

One of the important things in content marketing basics that unsuccessful business owners neglect is producing great content. Too often they just focus on improving their SEO and outreach when they are not creating phenomenal content. You should know how to create great content for your website to reach more of your target audience. By producing great content, you can educate and entertain people which will, in turn, provide you with backlinks and increase social engagement. Another content strategy tip is to produce great content in a consistent manner. Remember that Google favors websites and resources that are updated consistently.
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