Cold emails are the best strategy for growing revenue – model our work and check out behind the scenes on how we send cold emails as an outbound agency. This post reveals it!

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In this video, I go behind the scenes to show you how we send cold emails, what software do we use and how you can model our strategy.

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Cold email is part of the outbound sales channel, however it’s one of the most underrated strategies for sales.

I’m sharing with you my excel file, where I fill out al the necessary details for sending cold emails.

How to send cold emails that work is a tough experiment. Usually it comes down to your ability to collect data and put them in a spreadsheet, that makes sense.

By this I mean splitting your target market into different verticals, and having some common language across your sales introduction emails.

Best sales emails are the ones, that are very specific and not self-serving.

That’s why we write the first sentence manually, however it only takes 1-2 minutes of research to come up with it, so that you can convert a prospect to a b2b lead. Understand, that how to get leads is about customization and not templates.

We also include P.S. line at the end for a personal touch for our best cold email. Cold sales email is then ready to be loaded into a software – we use Woodpecker in this video – so that it can be automated and we can start sending these sales emails, and get leads.

You can check out this video, if you’re interested in the first sentence, and how we write it for our best sales emails.

Hopefully this was helpful, and if you want to see more behind the scenes videos, just comment below, and let me know, what questions you might have.

As always, cold emails can bring you a lot of leads, but only if done correctly so make sure to check out my company In Sales Academy, where we do outbound sales, that allows businesses to predict revenue.

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