Managing leads and contacts in the CRM is very important to keep on top of your prospects and progress of leads.

Basically at the end of the day, all you care about is you’re getting an email with own link to tier 1 leads each day along with a link to your tier 2 leads with some other stuff like Facebook Groups and LinkedIn Contacts.

With tier 2 leads, those are just people who have opened emails, they engaged with content, but they haven’t done something that clearly horns an outreach like downloading an e-book or replying toward messaging etc …

In the CRM, we separate these leads into active leads who have engaged with your content and that’s all you’ll ever see from most of the leads.

At BN Digital, we have SaaS business social marketing management tools to help you get found in your local market. Powerful social selling tools waiting for you.

Do you want more leads?

BN.Digital is the inbound marketing & lead generation agency offshoot of BizNexus and is built specifically for business intermediaries, buyout groups, strategic acquirers and related professionals within the mergers and acquisitions industry. We have over twenty years in the industry, we know the intimacies of the financial services vernacular, and we’ve refined our targeting and lead qualification over decades of practice.

We specialize in deal origination and business owner lead generation by industry niche and/or geographic territory, and have a proprietary program for transitioning your sales & marketing outreach from analog to digital.

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