Are you a hassled sales team member or business person trying to generate leads for your business? Do not worry. You are not alone and the answer to your worries lies in change of mindset as a marketing or sales professional.

In traditional sales or marketing, lead generation is about adding prospects to the lead funnel based on gut or some information gathered/heard. The sales team then follows up with these leads to close deals. The problem?

Many of the leads added to the queue are
– NOT interested or don’t have a requirement
– Are not relevant to your offering (different markets or requirements)
– Do not have budgets for your product
– Have different vision to grow their business

So, the sales team spends time trying to connect to most leads that fall in the criteria mentioned above losing on a lot of time and sales opportunities!

What if there existed a way, where sales team members only visited those leads that are ready with their vision, requirements and budgets that match your product/service? Wow …

Welcome to Demand Generation Marketing….
The idea here is to investigate prospects for their requirements that match your product or services. Only once they qualify, they will be added to the sales funnel. The sales person will then close the deal and you will smile away to the bank 🙂 Conversions improve dramatically, sales team members work optimally to focus on generating more sales and overall profitability and scale of your business grows!!

Isnt that exciting? In our upcoming videos, we are going to explain how ZYT achieves this demand generation marketing for its customers and its own business. Please stay tuned.

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