EverWebinar vs WebinarJam: Which platform is right for your business? Here are the top 5 reasons EverWebinar is the best for lead generation and sales.

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Table of Contents:
0:35 – The Ever-Jam Difference
0:52 – Reason 5) Scheduling
1:57 – Reason 4) Stage Fright
3:06 – Reason 3) List Size
4:10 – Reason 2) Split Testing
5:15 – Reason 1) Time Commitment

EverWebinar Vs WebinarJam: EverWebinar Is Better For Leads & Sales (Top 5 Webinar Reivew)

In this EverWebinar vs WebinarJam automated webinar software showdown you are going to learn the top reasons EverWebinar just might be the solution for you. Which one should you choose? I’ll review the benefits of each platforms and dive into the main differences between the too so you don’t have to guess which one may be best for you.

The man difference between the two is the type of webinars they are designed for. I’ve done a lot of webinar reviews in the past comparing EverWebinar to Stealth Seminar and even ClickFunnels, but there were a lot of requests for EverWebinar vs WebinarJam Studio.

Both are powerful webinar platforms that will allow you to start your own internet business without a lot of tech headache, but only one will be the best for your situation.Created by Andy Jankins, and Mike Filasime, these two platforms can work together as a live and automated webinar combination. This is the big benefit since Webinar Jam studio is designed for live webinar events while EverWebinar is designed for automated webinars.

What’s cool about these two is you can easily take one of your live events from Webinar Jam Studio and turn it into an automated webinar with EverWebinar. If you don’t already have a large email or customer list, the Webinar Jam studio may not be the best fit since you can’t have live events without people to show up. This is why in this video we’ll focus on the benefits of Everwebinar over WebinarJam Studio and how to you migrate over to Jam once you’ve gotten your automated webinar down.

Once you’re done watching this EverWebinar vs WebinarJam Stuido review, be sure to check out the playlist links above for more on how to choose the right webinar software the put together an automated webinar sales funnel.

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