Lead Generation for Coaches and Consultants: How to get clients with online lead generation.
Hello. Welcome to lead generation for coaches and consultants. I’m Dallas McMillan. I’m a Marketing Consultant. I specialise in working with coaches, consultants, and professional firms, and I’m the Author of the book, High Ticket Sales Funnels for Coaches & Consultants. Now in that book, I describe the three top performing funnels we use to sell high end coaching services, consulting services, and online programmes, and really, what we’re doing there is a lead generation funnel. When we’re selling high ticket, you generally can’t close our sales on line, you need to close them on the phone, so what we want is a lead, a sales lead who we can talk to on the phone and then enrol in our programme, and we want them to be coming in pre-educated, pre-sold, and qualified to make sure that they’re ready to buy. We don’t want to waste time talking to people who we can’t help, who don’t want to work with us, or who aren’t ready to buy.

The three funnels I cover, as I said. The first one is the client funnel, which is the simplest funnel. I’ll give you more detail on this today. The second one is the webinar funnel and the third one is the launch funnel. Now with each funnel, you’re taking people through this process of increasing investment, so that you can sell at high price points, you can increase your close rate, and you can sell more quickly by automating the front end of the sales process. Let’s take a closer look at the client funnel, so with any sales funnel, we’re taking people who are strangers initially, they’re suspected good clients, and we’re taking them through a process to confirm that they’re interested in what we’ve got and that they’re the right kind of client to work with, so at first, they express interest in an offer, become a prospect, they engage with our content further, and show that they’ve started getting close to being ready to sell to.