Jumpstart your lead generation with this copy-paste funnel blueprint and step by step tutorial to creating a simple funnel to get more qualified leads in the door.
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Table of Contents:
0:03 – Intro
0:40 – Phases of The Entire Funnel
1:28 – Diagram of The Lead Generation Process
1:51 – Preview of Softwares
1:57 – Best Content & Traffic
2:29 – Best Traffic Sources
2:57 – Best Lead Magnet Types
3:33 – PDF: Audit
4:22 – PDF: Case Study
4:52 – Webinar
5:53 – Calculator
6:30 – Lead Magnets Examples
8:02 – Landing Page
9:41 – Elements of a Landing Page
10:36 – Landing Page Examples
13:22 – Confirmation Page
16:38 – The Pre-Call Survey
20:38 – Recap
22:08 – Outro

How to Build a Lead Generation Funnel From Scratch

Lead Generation Funnel: Get More Customers in Your Sales Funnel with Engaging Content

Do you want to…

– Know do to put together a process to generate leads for my business?

– Have more people to call and more people on your email list?

– Have a lead magnet/opt-in offer to give to your prospects?

In this lead generation strategy blueprint you’re going to get a copy-paste lead generation template for creating your own automated lead generation funnel to book more sales call.

This lead generation funnel tutorial will guide you to set up your sales funnel campaign for better conversion. It will enable your business and your business’ website to create enormous traffic that leads to more sales and higher conversion rates.

A sales funnel marketing funnel represents how your customer moves from the general knowledge about your product/service to a very specific action – to purchase products or services from your company.

Why you should setup a high converting lead generation funnel for your online business?
– Having a quality lead generation process will help a lot in finding the right customers your business needs

– Effective content strategy helps your business or company improve the loyalty of your clients to your brand

– Having a sales process makes the feedback between your business and clients easier, speeding up your online sales processes which adds up to your revenue.

That’s why I guide you step-by-step on how to setup your lead generation campaign according to your business needs!

Everything you need to know to set up your lead generation sales funnel is discussed in this tutorial.

You’ll learn about the landing pages you need, some funnel software options, best online traffic sources. Lead magnet examples and see some lead generation case studies of how to apply these techniques to your own business.

This lead funnel strategy will allow you to generate more qualified leads for your business and streamline your ad spend. No need for complex funnels or fancy software; just a straight forward data driven method for lead generation.

To learn more about lead generation and sales funnels…

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– Also, check out my website to my lead generation templates to help you connect with your prospects..

I hope this lead generation tutorial for beginners helped you get started with your campaign. Start setting up your sales funnel now so you can attract more clients and add more revenue to your online business.
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