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3 Steps to Get Business Leads NOW ~ TRO Episode 15

3 Steps to Get Business Leads NOW ~ TRO Episode 15

Lead Generation maniac Isaac Miranda of TRO cover three concepts to consider when trying to get hot business leads now in this 3 minute video.
First of all Who are my targets? Who are they? Where do they hang out (online) and what do they care about, in context of our business and everything for that matter.

Secondly, can you get your message in front of them? The places they hang out and what they consume need to align with where you are broadcasting. If they read blogs, you should start blogging or get a good blogger! sames goes for video and podcasts.
Third, Can you convert leads? All the traffic in the world won’t make you a dime unless you have a conversion strategy. This means landing pages, surveys, and the like. If the report you’re offering is good enough, they wil give their info to be opted into your content if your report is good enough.

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Hey what’s up you guys, it’s Nathan Lucas and in this video were talking about an awesome facebook ads hack that will help you get more engagement, generate leads and make sales in your business.

Facebook ads are a great way to get exposure to your business and make sales, but not everyone knows what their doing when it comes to facebook ads.

In this video I show you how to gain social proof on your facebook ad and get TONS of engagement. This will make your ad more powerful because by nature, people want to be a part of something that is “happening” and if your ad had tons of engagement, you better believe more people will engage with it.

I also show you how to generate a grip load of leads with facebook messenger in conjunction with you ad.

I hope you liked this facebook ads hack video!


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Nathan Lucas

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🏡 Facebook Ads Real Estate Agents | 53 Leads a Month

🏡 Facebook Ads Real Estate Agents | 53 Leads a Month

Learn how to generate 50 to 60 leads a month with Facebook ads for Real Estate Agents.

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This is a full step by step video of how to setup Facebook Lead Ads for Real Estate Agents using the latest tips/tricks/strategies.

I also show you my super secret ninja trick to get 80 to 90% open rates in your marketing.

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#MarketingMinutes with Josh Cahill – The Mustache Marketer is here to help Real Estate professionals and Marketers stay ahead of the curve with innovating Facebook Marketing tips/tricks and strategies. Staying relevant as possible with what’s working today to skyrocket your business in 2018 and beyond!

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*** Show Notes and Resources ***

Books that changed my life & business.

The Millionaire Real Estate Agent | https://amzn.to/2oXyvdl
Expert Secrets (FREE) | http://bit.ly/botbook1
Getting Everything You Can Out Of All You Got | https://amzn.to/2NBr0GM
Authority Marketing | https://amzn.to/2N7UHjy

My Video Setup (How the video was recorded)

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Facebook Lead Ads: A Complete Tutorial

Facebook Lead Ads: A Complete Tutorial

If you want to build your email list fast, Facebook has made it really easy for you to promote your lead magnet to millions of your ideal customers. In this video, I’ll walk you through the steps you need to create highly converting Facebook lead ads.

Privacy Policy generator: https://www.freeprivacypolicy.com/builder/start/free-privacy-policy2

👉 Download the FREE Swipe File — 40+ Lead Magnet Facebook Ads for Your Inspiration: http://thedeependdesign.com/facebookswipe/

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Start A Lead Generation Business In 2 Minutes FLAT!

Start A Lead Generation Business In 2 Minutes FLAT!

LINK TO THE TOOL I USED: http://www.pauljames.com/vranker

How To Start A Lead Generation Business So Easy You Can Do It In Just 2 Minutes!

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How to Understand Your Customer So Well That Your Product Will Sell Itself

How to Understand Your Customer So Well That Your Product Will Sell Itself

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” ~ Peter Drucker I totally believe in that quote. What I want to share in this video are 3 ways to get to know your customers.

1. Face to Face (and the questions to ask)
2. Using Surveys
3. Online Data (like Facebook likes)

If you use this strategy, not only will your current customers love you but you’ll build a company that energizes you vs. brings you down by working with the wrong customers.

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Dan Martell is an award-winning Canadian entrepreneur and founder of Clarity, a venture-backed startup that makes it easy to connect with top business minds over the phone. He previously co-founded Flowtown, a San Francisco-based social marketing product which raised funding, grew to over 50,000 small business customers and was eventually acquired by Demandforce in 2011. In 2012, he was named Canada’s top angel investor having completed over 33 investments with companies like Udemy, Intercom, and Unbounce. He believes “you can only keep what you give away” and is heavily involved in many charitable organizations & community events.

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Linked Leads Review Demo – Automated LinkedIn Lead Generation Software

Linked Leads Review Demo – Automated LinkedIn Lead Generation Software

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Linked Leads Review

Introducing Linked Leads, a powerful new software tool which you can use to automatically generate unlimited targeted leads for your business from LinkedIn. The whole process has been simplified and the user-friendly interface makes it extremely easy to get started with minimum effort.

It’s well known that LinkedIn allows you to see who has viewed your profile each day and recent surveys have shown that 79% of businesses follow-up with these qualified leads. To take advantage of this opportunity, the Firefox and Chrome extension software included in this package will automatically view your exact target audience in order to get them to follow-up and view your own profile. It comes with detailed live webinar training that will show you exactly what to sell and how to write your profile so that it converts these views into leads and sales. The special launch discount and Linked Leads bonus will not last long, so get your copy today and start increasing your profits.


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