Here’s a sales funnel template that will increase your lead generation. It’s an email marketing strategy that’s a proven twist on an existing method.Get the bonus traffic strategies:

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Today you’re going to learn:

How to build a highly engaged email marketing list
Maximize your profit with the value ladder
The minimum of 2 pages needed
Unique twist to boost conversions
I will be using Kartra (…you don’t have to)
To build it live for you to copy
Bonus: Get organic traffic

Who is this sales funnel for?

Affiliate marketers / email list builders
Content creators
Ecommerce stores
Offline / local business
Coaching / mentors
Product vendors

What is a reverse squeeze page funnel?

Minimum 2 page funnel
Reverse squeeze page
Thank you page
Sales pages / upsell pages (optional)
Give content for free
Then ask visitors to opt-in
Content formats:

Why use a reverse squeeze page sales funnel?

Build trust faster
Deliver valuable content immediately “best foot forward”
Quality of leads is much higher
Great way to tell captivating stories / demos / case studies
Useful to overcome objections or fears
Seamless way to start your value ladder

Your value ladder:

Maximise your profit
Increase the number of sales per customer
The more value you deliver, the higher the price
Lets you map your upsell chain

Reverse squeeze page components:

Strong headline
Valuable content (video / article / podcast)
Irresistible free offer
Opt-in form / CTA button
Optional: Delayed opt-in form / CTA button
Appears at end of the video
Optional: Countdown timer
Increases urgency

Thank you page components:

Strong headline
Thank you message
Download link / embedded video
Call to Action
In the download



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