In this Facebook lead generation video I show you exactly how to generate leads with Facebook ads.

I show you my entire Facebook advertising lead funnel that I use to consistently generate high quality leads for my own business and my clients’ businesses.

This video details a Facebook advertising strategy that is specifically designed for service based businesses. In 2018 you cannot simply throw up a Facebook ad that asks people to hire you; that will not work.

Instead you need to know how to advertise on Facebook effectively and create a Facebook ad campaign that warms up cold prospects and gets them to take action.

To generate leads with Facebook, my strategy inclues the following 5 steps:
1) Facebook video ad that delivers real value to your target market and promotes a lead magnet
2) Landing page that captures lead follow up information and encourages prospects to opt in for a lead magnet
3) Lead magnet that helps your target market achieve something they want to achieve
4) Thank you/sales page that promotes your services to your Facebook audience and encourages them to book a phone call with you
5) Phone call booking page that allows your new leads to book a slot directly into your calendar (this way your lead generation process it fully automated)


Facebook Video Ad Example:

5-Part Facebook Ad Template Landing Page:

How to Build an Email List with Facebook Video (For Lead Magnet Info):

How To Install The Facebook Pixel Video:

OptimizePress (Landing Page Software): (Video Editors & Other Freelancers):

Acuity Scheduling (Call Booking Software):

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Best of luck guys, Ben