Social Media Sales Funnel – Lead Generation is key to any successful business. Social selling is learning how to create, curate and disseminate content will help drive more traffic (sales leads) to your website. – Here’s Joseph McCray’s test —
Victor Antonio, I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it EVERYDAY until I am 6ft under. You are the best. PERIOD!

I’ve been a subscriber to your channel for a while and I’m an avid consumer of sales/marketing/self help materials (at least a few books a month for several years).

I know of no equal to you when it comes to technical content, and from the looks of your career trajectory you will move into the Tony Robbins territory next (go get that BIG MONEY BUDDY – YOU DESERVE IT).

Before you make it to the Forbes richest list can you please create one last long video series. A while ago you did a few videos on social media, and how it is the modern funnel.

I think it would be a good video series that you can sell (yes, I will buy – pre-order even). I would like to see the following series for INFOPRENEURS like myself.

Top of the funnel:
1. Content Creation Strategy (your personal content R&D schedule, your thoughts on outsourcing content development on places like Upwork/Freelancer)
2. Video creation strategy (self editing, your thoughts on hiring people on Fiverr/Upwork and similar places)
3. Social Media content promotion strategy (Twitter, FB, LinkedIn, Instagram, G+, SnapChat)
4. Ad strategy FB Ads, YouTube Ads, Twitter Ads (building social proof, advanced targeting, remarketing/retargeting)
5. Social Media Influencer outreach, and collaboration strategy

Middle of the funnel:
1. On your website (Percentages of gated content vs. FREE content)
2. Email based lead nurturing (hubspot, marketo, mailchimp, aweber, infusionsoft)
3. Your thoughts on lead scoring, follow up strategy
4. Website optimization based on analytics

Bottom of the funnel (products are membership based website, books, videos, private coaching):
1. Free products with lead nurturing drip campaign
2. Low-end products with lead nurturing and upsells built-in
3. Intermediate priced products/services with lead nurturing and upsells built-in
4. High-end priced products/services with lead nurturing and upsells built-in

I would love to see special care given to hiring personal assistents, and how you manage quality control with a busy travel schedule.

Everything above is basically the skeleton of my 2017 marketing plan. I’m revamping my business and doubling down on YouTube and social media as it was my biggest growth area in 2016.

After reading a lot and watching a of videos here on YouTube. I’m very tired of hiring people that know less about social media, and SEO than I do.

I’ve got nearly 20K twitter followers, 10k LinkedIn subscribers, 150K fans on FB, 16k mailing list. I sell online training and consulting.

Social media is a direct contributor to about 35-40% of my revenue, with email making up 40-50% depending on the month.

This year I’m launching a completely new membership based new website, all new social media profiles and working toward 3-4 YouTube videos per week.

I’m hoping to see a video series and book series from you on this stuff. Put some thought to it Antonio, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

I’m sure that you are really busy and may not want to do those long deep technical video series like you used to do, but give us intermediate level students of yours 1 last good one before you are in Forbes.

I apologize for the long message, but after reading some stuff from Guy Kawasaki – I’ve stopped paying attention to people that have less followers than me.

You walk the walk. You’ve been consistently releasing HIGH QUALITY content for a few years. C’mon VA, I’m speaking for myself and all of the other infopreneurs out there – we need you buddy.

Bring the straight fire like only you can.

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