Local Lead Generation Business | 1,187 Calls/Leads in 10 months (Pay Per Call Results)

Local Lead Generation Business | 1,187 Calls/Leads in 10 months (Pay Per Call Results)

When getting started with online marketing, one of the simplest methods is lead gen or pay per call marketing as an affiliate by doing local SEO. This video explains how I started my digital marketing company by first doing lead generation step by step with pay per call/lead and lead generation business websites to get data in order to get clients and how this pay per call affiliate marketing SEO website and Google My Business listing generated nearly 1,200 leads so far in 2020.

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Top 12 Insurance Lead Vendor Review

Top 12 Insurance Lead Vendor Review

https://www.DavidDuford.com – Top 12 Insurance Lead Vendor Review

David reviews top lead vendors he has worked with personally who have provided good lead resources and reliability.

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Intro to Ramps and Leads – Part 44 – Vectric For Absolute Beginners

Intro to Ramps and Leads – Part 44 – Vectric For Absolute Beginners

Intro to Ramps and Leads – Part 44 – Vectric For Absolute Beginners
More down here ↓↓↓ Click SHOW MORE!

This is the 44th in a series of videos geared toward the person who has never worked with CAD or CAM in the Vectric Software before.

I’d like to thank Ahmad Eivaz for allowing me to use his photos in this video. Thank you, Ahmad!

In this video, I’ll introduce you to Ramps and Leads in Cut2D Desktop, Cut2D Pro, VCarve Desktop, VCarve Pro, and Aspire.

I’ll show you what Ramps and Leads are, then give you a couple of examples of when you would want to use them. We’ll get into some Profile toolpaths, and get into the various settings we have available to us for adding a Ramp, a Lead, or a combination of the two. I’ll then demonstrate the toolpaths and Preview a couple of them to show you a few things to watch out for when adding Leads to a toolpath. Finally, I’ll show you a common error message that you might run into, how to fix that error, then recalculate the toolpath. Please keep in mind that this is an Intro to Ramps and Leads. There are many other options and settings to be explored, but this will give you an overall view of what Ramps and Leads can do for you.

As usual, if you have any comments or questions about anything I covered in this video, please put ‘em in the comment section below.

On Sunday, May 24th, I’ll be hosting a LIVE Q&A session, where you can ask your questions pertaining to anything I covered in this video. That Q&A starts at 3 pm Eastern time, Noon Pacific time. Hope to see you there!

Here’s a link to the Live Q&A: https://youtu.be/CinfOf7BQyM

Thanks for watching!

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Instagram Giveaway Strategy 2020: Generate Leads and Sales

Instagram Giveaway Strategy 2020: Generate Leads and Sales

Instagram giveaway strategy to get leads and sales. A successful Instagram marketing strategy and Instagram giveaway in 2020, after COVID-19, requires more than just posting a contest on Instagram. To boost your followers and your sales from Instagram marketing we are recommending to combine 2 giveaways instead of just one.

Before the strategy, here’s what you need to know about an Instagram giveaway.

From the legal perspective, a giveaway is ruled by the contest & sweepstakes laws.

If you’re in Texas, Texas law says if you run a sweepstakes in Texas with prizes valued over $50,000 it is prohibited to automatically enter individuals into the promotion when they make a purchase.

Be sure to review other restrictions that can legally affect your business.

Instagram giveaway disclaimer and Instagram contest rules:

Here’s a rundown of the Instagram contest rules that you need to adhere to in your promotion:
1) Acknowledge that your Instagram contest or giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram.
2) Include the name of the company hosting the Instagram giveaway or contest.
3) Include the dates the campaign will run, including time zone.
4) Include participation restrictions (such as age and location).
5) Write clear guidelines on how to enter.

Be sure to be in compliance or your account can be suspended. Official Instagram rules https://help.instagram.com/179379842258600

Tips to generate leads from Instagram Giveaways in 2020:

1) Your prize must be worth for your audience. Do your research and find what motivates them.
2) Announce your giveaway and create teasers.
3) Go for the wow effect so your users get excited and share.
4) Do 2 giveaways: the first one with minimum rules to entry and the second one ask for their email to enter.
5) Once you get the emails, run an email marketing campaign to indoctrinate your new users and motivate them to keep sharing your giveaway.

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Use this template to write Instagram copy:

How to Generate 10x more Sales Leads from Linkedin with just 1 Post per Week | Social Selling

How to Generate 10x more Sales Leads from Linkedin with just 1 Post per Week | Social Selling

Are you Struggling to Generate Leads, Enquiries and Sales on Linkedin?
Are your Linkedin Posts not generating enough Leads and Sales?

Learn #1 Linkedin Social Selling Strategy using Linkedin Sales Funnel to Generate 10x more Leads and Sales with just 1 post per week.

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